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Like The Sun by R.K. Narayan

No description

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Like The Sun by R.K. Narayan

Like The Sun by R.K. Narayan
this story took place in a small town in India around the mid-20th century.
The theme of this story is "always tell the truth". Within this story, the narrator constantly hid about the headmasters performance. Eventually when he confessed, the headmaster changed his due date
Literary Devices
internal conflict
: The main character struggled with morality and deciding whether to tell him the truth about his performance or not. This is an example of internal conflict because this was a moral decision.
: the tone of the author was annoyed and worried. He was worried because he had so many failing grades. He was annoyed because the only way he could get more time for making up his grades could only be rewarded if he listened to the headmasters music.
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