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No description

Nikke Puskala

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Advertisement

Nikke Puskala Advertising What is advertisement? It's a way of making people know your product by
different means, such as printed media, radio,
television or by people talking about your product. Different companies, restaurants, hotels, service providers etc who want to make people know about their products, sales, services or foods What is good advertisement? The kind of video, print, words or photo that stays in the head of the client day and night. It also has to tell the customer what the product is. Product placement Used in movies and series mostly by having some product used constantly in the movie/series What could be the first ad in the world? Who uses advertisement? Normal advertisement TV, Radio and print Social Campaigns Meaningful advertisement
where the content has a meaning in the back and the production has some sort of a budget Guerrilla advertisement Ads that are made with a low budget and projects are surprising. Usually the projects cause buzz by the cause Funny advertisement Funny kind of advertisement where the ads are funny and by that mean they affect people decisions Questions? Thank you! Any examples?
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