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No description

bob smith

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Jews

Double click anywhere & add an idea JEWS! the definiton of collective rights is: Rights and freedoms given to a group because of the something that happened in the past. The group being investigated is jews because we believe that they deserve some sort of collective rights. Previous incidents with the jews , have been things like the Holocaust , the jews were burnt alive , just because of their religion . Approximately six million jewish people , and one point five jewish children were murdered by the Nazi regime and its collaborators that took place between 1933-1945 . December 1942 a single Nazi decree ordered Gypsies from all over Europe to be deported to the death camp in Auschwitz , 16,000 were immediately murdered . Such crimes finally stopped when american troops liberated the camps in Displaced Persons camps because their homes and familys have been destroyed .
Although the world has attempted to prosecute many of the Nazi war criminals in trials such as the famous Nuremburg Trials , many escaped with light sentences , if any at all . More over , some of these Nazi officials are in hiding today . In conclusion , I think that the people of jewish decent , should have some sort of right , because of the way they have been treated in the past . They shouldn't have to go through things like the Holocaust , and not recieve anything like specific rights . The right they should get is the right to have jewish schools and churchs if they need it.
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