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silk road diary

No description

Jacob Victor

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of silk road diary

By Jacob Victor Silk Road Diary Day One Day 51 I have just finished leaving the mountain paths for a little
while, but I feel as if I am being watched. Although I have not been
attacked yet I feel in the near future the marauders will try to attack. Day 7 The food has nearly run out. Luckily, we passed a small town and I had
a couple of my slaves go and grab some food. I hope it will last us until we get to Merv. Day 21 This morning I realize I am missing two slaves and some of my silk.
The slaves must have run away in the night taking some of my silk as well.
If I ever find them again I will have them hanged. Day 31 I have finally arrived in Merv other than
losing two of my camels and four of my slaves,
this trip was successful. Because of the great
amount of merchandise I brought this time, I should be able to trade for a great amount of valuables. I have recently started my route. I am traveling from Yarkand to Merv. My travel is usually about a month and a half although it can be longer due to the size of the camel train at that time. This time I have about about twenty camels and several slaves to watch the camels and defend the goods from marauders. The goods I am taking to trade are silk, alcohol, and spices. Day three

I have just started to reach rugged terrain. I have
all ready noticed that this time I have not packed as much
food as I normally do and hope I do not run out before I reach Merv. Day 12

My theory was correct, I was robbed. This morning when I was just waking up, a group of four men took two camels. Although the camels did not carry much, I am still two camels shorter then what I started with. Day 17

I am already starting to regret packing
the amount of food I did. I am realizing
it is going to be extremely hard to
feed my camels in about another week. Day 25

This journey feels like it is going on forever
even though I am only a little more then half way
through the trip. I feel like it has been going on for months.
We are getting tired. Day 34 Day 34

I was attacked AGAIN! This time, however, instead of taking my camels, they killed two of my slaves while they were protecting my goods. This now leaves me with only three slaves left. Day 37

Getting close to Merv. I pass a Chinese merchant. He warns me that from here on out the rest of the way to Merv, there are a ton of marauders. He said he has been attacked at least 4 times. Wishing each other good luck we both departed. Day 45

As the Chinese merchant said, there are tons of marauders. Earlier two marauders tried to steal two of my camels, but luckily my slaves stopped them before they could get away.
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