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Promotional Plan for Tesla Motors

No description

D Wong

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Promotional Plan for Tesla Motors

Promotional Plan for Tesla Motors
into the United Kingdom

By Derek Wong

The Man who Started it all..
Elon Musk was born in 1971, Pretoria, South Africa
Currently a business magnate, investor and inventor
CEO and Chief Product Architect at Tesla Motors
Main priority with this company is to provide an electric car < $30 000 in the next decade
Introduction to Tesla Motors
Started in 2003, it is a California-based company that designs, manufactures electric cars and electric vehicle engine components
Responsible for the first successful electric sports car to be released to the public
Able to produce 20 000 cars/year from its factory
The Tesla S
Promotional Plan Objectives
1. To promote the Tesla S to the high-end market and suburbs which are environmentally conscious and are trying to find ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from their cars
2. To introduce these cars and provide information in large newspaper companies (eg. The Guardian), online newspapers, social media websites, car magazines and at luxury car shows where the consumer is able to interact with sales representatives to gain addition information
3. This product will appeal to those who are technologically savvy and understand the facts about global warming. To further promote the Tesla S, advertisements will be focused on websites dealing with technology or environment, looking to capture 25-35% of the electric car market

Promotional Advantages of the Tesla S
Environmentally friendly
Efficient and future-oriented
ZERO emissions
Incorporates lots of modern technology
5 star safety rating (highest for electric cars)
Promotional Activities to be taken
Advertisements for Tesla S to be set up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Special features in car magazines for insight and review of Tesla S
Mini Car Show for consumers to interact and learn about the Tesla S
Promote and advertise for Tesla Motors Factory tour
Pre-Order specials (due to be released early 2014)

Premium performance electric car
Pure efficiency due to its advanced electric motor (3x more than fossil-fuel burning engine
Smart air suspension
Engineered to perform in hot and cold climate
Able to plug this car into most power outlets (recharged at 100km/h)
Rear wheel drive
Model: Sedan
Acceleration: 5.6 sec til 100km/h
Tailpipe Emissions:

Model: Sports-Tuned
Acceleration: 4.4 sec til 100km/h
Tailpipe Emissions:
Campaign Proposal
UK Government offers plug-in car grants (£5000)
Previous financial year saw an increase of electric car sales by 70%, which is 11 times more than 2010
The start of this financial year alone has seen an increase of 25% in plug-in car sales
Have Lewis Hamilton tour around every major city in UK, to promote product and gather interest
This will feature brochures, test drives, mechanics and DVD following the tour
Apr-Jun, 2013
Jul-Sept, 2013
Jan-Mar, 2014
Oct-Dec, 2013
Timeline for Promotional Activities (2013-2014)
Jan-Mar, 2013
Social Media Campaign (Jan-Mar)
There will be advertisements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
These will detail and promote the Tesla S for consumers to become familiar with the product
Important to note: Target market are high income, young/middle-aged families who are environmentally conscious and technologically savvy
Magazine Review and Special Feature (Apr-Jun)
Allow for the 2 most popular UK magazines to have reviews and special features on the Tesla S
We want to gain maximum interest and exposure of our product to ensure when it is released
Tesla will hold a small motor show in the centre of London to display the Tesla S models (Sedan and Sports-tuned)
This is for potential customers and investors to interact with the product
It is also a chance for sales representatives from Tesla to promote the product
Tesla Motor Show (Jul-Sep)
Factory Tours (Oct-Dec)
The factory tours will help consumers understand the manufacturing and production process for Tesla S
This is important with building rapport with potential clients
Allows for first hand experience for the product
Pre-Order Specials (Jan-Mar 2014)
Before the Tesla S is sold publicly in the first quarter of 2014, we will entice customers with specials if they pre-order
This will include extended warranties, free servicing for a year, cheaper annual service fees (ongoing) or free accessories upgrade
This is to bolster sales before release date
Tesla S will be a successful product with the correct promotion methods applied
Using advanced electric engine technologies incorporated into a single vehicle with other advanced features will attract positive interest
Tesla S will use all profits to invest in cheaper electric cars of the future
Thank you for Listening..
Any Questions?
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