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Cerebrovascular disease.

Disease Project.

Jamie Brandie

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Cerebrovascular disease.

How is it Caused? Believe it or not, the disease is mostly caused by your lifestyle choices. For example, if you eat unhealthy junk food all the time, and don't exercise too regularly, you have the biggest chance of developing this disease. Symptoms: Treatments. Cerebrovascular Disease. What is Cerebrovascular
Disease? Cerebrovascular disease is any
disorder that affects the blood
vessels, which provides oxygen,
rich blood to a person's brain
and face. * Dizziness,
* nausea,
* vomiting,
* severe headache,
* head pressure,
* numbness within in the limbs,
* slurred speech,
* vision loss,
* loss of coordination,
and your ability to walk. * Many treatments, depend on the individual.
* Another treatment called: Carotid endarterectomy involves open surgery, incising through the
side of your neck.
* Most treatments cannot undue the damage, that has already occurred. Medication: *Scientists found that the use of cholesterol
controlling medications, seem to help in preventing of Cerebrovascular disease. Introduction Is there a Cure? Interesting Facts! Research of Cerebrovascular Disease. * This disease effects 1.2 to 2.5 out of every hundred thousand
children every year.
*The term is commonly used, to describe a hardening of the person's
carotid arteries, and those arteries supply your brain with blood.
* There has been an estimation that 158,000 people in the USA died from
* The carotid arteries brings the main supply of blood to the brain.
*Fall in blood pressure while your sleeping, can lead to blood flow in narrow blood vessels, causing Ischemic stroke in the morning. Cerebrovascular Disease, is just about the same thing as a stroke. Both, in which case, happen very quickly. This disease consists of blood shortage to your brain but, cerebrovascular disease mostly happens by a blood clot forming in one of your main arteries in your brain. What Is Actually
Happening In Your Brain? (step by step) *forms from a weakened part of your wall of your brain vessel.
* Then producing a bulging out
a part of your brain vessel.
* clogging an artery in your brain & stopping the blood flow.
*Then releasing many symptoms.
*After experiencing many symptoms go right away to your nearest hospital or ER. *Taking certain medications help prevent blood clots from forming, and making the blood thin.
* Cranberries may reduce damage to the brain cells.
*There is not a real cure to strokes but you can rehabilitate. *At the University of Pittsburgh, many students are taking apart of 2 experiments of basic science. As well as human clinical trials. Technology used for Treating Cerebrovascular Disease. Since there is no actually treatment for Cerebrovascular, most people go to rehabilitation centers. If, or when they go, they do many different excerises to build up muscles that have been lost, and memory that may have been lost. History of Cerebrovascular Disease (Background) There are 4 major types of
this disease. . .
*Stroke- blood supply to the brain is disturbed.
*Transient Ischaemic Attack- fall in blood supply to brain.
*Subarachnoid Haemorrhage- stroke where blood leaks out of your blood vessels.
*Vascular Dementia- blood circulation problem, parts of the brain is not receiving enough blood and oxygen. *Cerebrovascular disease is an example of Cardiovascular disease because, it affects the blood vessels of the brain. *Experiment conducted in 2001, by WHO showed that 5.5 million people across the globe have died for CBVD. *The scientist you discovered Cerebrovascular
is unknown. *stroke was used to be known as Apoplexy, meaning "struck down by violence" in Greek. *In the mid-1600s Jacob Wedfer, a scientist, found out that patients have died of Apoplexy because they were bleeding in the brain.
*Not till the 1928, Apoplexy were divided in categories based on problems with brain vessels.
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