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my birth

No description

Hayden Spracklin

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of my birth

My Birth
I was born on August 8 2003 in Thornton Colorado and weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces
My First Pet
i got my first pets 2012 i got 2 guinea pigs and then later on i got a black lab puppy. My dog has made me love animals and might want to choose a profession with animals in it
San Diego California
In 2015 my family and i took a vacation to San Diego and it had been a really long time scene i was on a plane we got to go to the San Diego zoo and sarfari park
My first vacation
In 2006 i took my first vacation to Turks and Caicos. This was my first vacation and was super fun to be with my family
My First basketball game
learning how to ride a bike

when i was two i learned how to ride a bike my parent game me these leather gloves and told me they were magic so i would ride the bike and it worked
Vail Colorado
In 2016 my family and i went to vail Colorado.It was a lot of fun and a cool theme park where you control your own roller coaster and there was a zip line. This trip really was fun for my whole family an we bonded
Saint Marry Glacier
In August 2016 my family hiked to saint marry glacier with my dog. when we got to the glacier my dog got excited and jumped in and was very cold. It was very fun to do with my family.
At my first basketball game i used to keep my hands in my pockets and walk around. My first basketball game was no that great but it leads to me loving the sport
My Life Map
I cant wait to make memories in Cancun
My family is going to Cancun this spring
break and i cant wait to hang out with
them and have fun. And make more family memories
More memories in basketball
I want to be more successful in basketball and make memories with my team. I would like to make a high school team
Want to be a good friend
I want to be there for my friends when they need me in the future
Be adventurous
I want to be adventurous and take risks when it comes to coming out of my comfort zone and
Hayden Spracklin
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