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Chapter 13 Watsons go to Birmingham Christopher Paul Curtis


shelbi hall

on 26 February 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 13 Watsons go to Birmingham Christopher Paul Curtis

Main Character Kenny Kenny is Caring, Kind, stubborn, sometimes
jumps to conclusions. He is somewhat
oblivious, adn speaks before he thinks,
but overall he is a sweet kid.
Kenny Miss interprets what his grandmother
says about The Whirl pool, and instead thinks
he hears the Wool Pooh. Byron tells his the
Wool Pooh is Winnie the Pooh's evil brother. Kenny and Byron and Joetta walk down, heading to the beach, when Kenny noticed Byron has started acting better.
Kenny wants to go see where the Wool Pooh is, but Byron and Joetta walk off the other way. Kenny sees the water with the "Wool Pooh" and gets in, not seeing any danger. He wades in, and sees a turtle. A whirl pool sucks Kenny under,
and he thinks it is the Wool Pooh.
Byron saves him and helps him out. Opinion I thought this chapter was very exciting because of the action. It was also confusing a bit because I didn't know how to picutre the Wool Pooh. The author describes what Kenny is feeling very well. I like how it makes Kenny's thought sort of confusing because that is really realistic how Kenny started seeing things when he was scared. The Watson's Go to Birmingham Christopher Paul Curtis Chapter 13 Kenny at first dosen't belive that there is such
thing as a wool pooh, but Byron and Joetta
warn him. He is suprised and really freaked out
when he sees the Wool Pooh attacking him.
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