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The influence of media and press on society.

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on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of The influence of media and press on society.









By: Mariana Valencia, Camila Orozco and María Sofía Álvarez.
1. Definitions of Media and Press.
3. Influence of Media on Society and on youngsters.
4. Positive and negative effects of Media on Society.
5. Influence of Press on Society.
6. Positive and negative effects of Press on Society.
7. Examples.
8. Video.
9. Bibliography.
Definitions of media and press.
Media is defined as the communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages are disseminated.
Magazines, newspapers, TV, radio and internet.
While Press is defined as all periodicals such as daily newspapers, biweeklies, weeklies or magazines.

Over the past 50 years, media influence has grown exponentially. First there was the telegraph, then the radio, the newspaper, magazines, television and now the Internet.
We live in a society that depends on information and communication for so many aspects:
To perform our daily activities like work
Health care
Personal relationships
Stay informed about current events
Media should be:
However, some media is:
Negative Oriented
Crime Encouraging
And, sometimes, gives bogus news.
Influence of Media on our Society.

Our ideologies, thoughts and decisions depend highly on media.
Media plays an extensive role in an individual’s daily life.
Our daily activities depend heavily on the information that is provided and communicated to us.
Negative effects of Media on Society.
Some news given in the media create negative feelings in the mind.
Health problems.
Violence learned by children.
Pleasure in playing video games.
Positive effects of media on society:
The distance is not at all a barrier now for getting the latest news.
The media helps people to exchange information.
T.V. programs teach values to children.
Other effects of media on society:
The fashion shows, dance and music programs attract youngsters very much.
The middle aged persons are stuck up with TV serials and show much interest in raising social status, by wasting money.
The children may learn good things through media.
Increases reading habits and vocabulary.
The cartoon channels make the children happy.
Some games can increase their logical thinking power.
Advertising shows a product or a service for the people or the society.
Creates unnecessary needs and their desires are converted into needs.
When the people consume in an uncontrolled way, the values of society are distorted and there is more garbage, more damage for the planet.

Influence of Media and Advertising in Society.
Influence/role of press in Society.
Press and media have a similar influence.
Holding government leaders accountable to the people.
Publicizing issues that need attention.
Educating citizens so they can make informed decisions.
Connecting people with each other in civil society.
How media should be:
Free from Pressure.
Fact Finding.
Nation Building.
Positive effects of press on society:
In some governments, it encourages democracy, freedom and press liberty.
Press is a needed mean of communication because society has to be informed of the issues that happen in their world.
Negative effects of press on society:
In some governments, press is manipulated to maintain society suppressed and subordinated.
Society does not get accurate information.

Bad News, bad Press.
In some governments, press works as a manipulable tool for it. In this way, for controlling the society, politicians alter news, press and media and try to convince people about their policies and their governments because "they are the best".
Victoria’s Secret: Recently they made irresponsible marketing with their new campaign for bras:

This campaign makes women insecure.
Body proportions
Promotes unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty.
This advertising made a big impact in women society.
They made a movement against that poster.
Victoria’s Secret changed the slogan of the campaign for “A Body For Every Body”.

1. the competition between the two girls is about who is more popular, and has better looks.
2. The boy has to be an athlete, no other option.
3. The “price” is the boy.
4. Teenagers ave to follow this stories despite they are not totally developed.

Do you base your fashion on what you see the celebrities are wearing?
Do you dress according to the trends?
Do you copy the hairstyle of your favorite famous personalities?
Have you ever attempted to walk model-like in an attempt to imitate those ramp models in fashion shows?
Has the media influenced your life?
2. Introduction.

Media and Press come in many forms:

Music, among others.
The big international corporations spend millions of dollars on publicity to establish a patron in media in order to compare whats wrong and whats right, whats pretty and whats ugly.
Sends a message saying that what they are selling, is the best and that YOU should buy it.

Do you control what you think? Or does the media and the press?
Influence of Media on Young people.
Young people idolize their role models/celebrities despite all their wrongdoings highlighted by the entertainment society.
Negative consequences of Media on youngsters.
Suffering from eating disorders.
Unhealthy lifestyles.
Media showcases this lifestyle as fun activities despite their negative effect on health.
Media hypes the acceptability of vices.

Negative consequences of media on youngsters.
Media has replaced books, studying, playing outdoors.
No physical activity.
They end up reading and learning things, which are not suitable for their age.

Media makes the people hungry for trivial information and rumors.
Negative effects of media on society.
Press: The role of newspaper in the modern society.
Newspapers convey the latest happenings in different parts worldwide.
Big corporate houses and business houses promote their products by publishing ads on papers.
The readers get the knowledge of any and every activity happening in and around their area.
The modern day paper also has a column, the letter to the editor section, in which the reader can write about his grievances or appreciation about any report or incident in the society. The newspaper also informs about the political activities, the new laws or the sports and activities happening in the society.
A modern day paper has shown that even in the age of internet, news portal, radio and television, newspaper can still change the life, the thoughts and mind of the society. They can still help in creating a common opinion and work as a corporate social responsible tool and fight for justice if needed. They can change the government or help in punishing a criminal by simply acquiring public support and demanding justice.
This is one of the major tools of democracy.
The role of newspapers in the modern society.

2. They create false expectations:
-“It's not unusual to hear that even death may be a side-effect of a non-prescripted drug.”
3. They have an important influence in political elections
Political campaigns use press as a source to create an idea and a first impression that helps them win more votes
Using cultural elements: In advertising they are using cultural elements such as religion, art and others to promote or sell the product. This is disrespectful for the non-commercial organizations and it misprizes the value of the images.

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