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Copy of GOOGLE

No description

Muhd Haikal

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of GOOGLE

What is Google?
one of the five most popular websites
in the world
web search engine
provides specialized searches
American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products

Larry Page
Sergey Brin

How Google was formed?
While they were Ph.d students at the University of Standford, they collaborated and worked on a search engine called "Backrub."
September of 1998
Brin and Page left Stanford and founded Google, Inc.
4th of September
They incorporated Google as a closed company.
By the year 2000, Google was the world's widest and largest search engine.
By 2001 it did something that eluded most of the dot.com business startups of the time.
In 2006, they shifted to their new headquarters at Mountain View, California.
Rapid growth since incorporation has triggered a chain of products, acquisitions and partnerships the core search engine of Google.
In December 2012 , Alexa, one of the world’s famous web information company provider , listed google.com as the most visited website in the world.
What Google provides?
online productivity software
email (Gmail)
office suite
(Google Drive)
social networking site (Google+)
Personal computer products
web browsing
organizing and photo editing
instant messaging
Android mobile operating systems (OS)
the browser-only
Question 1
1. Based on information in this chapter, identify major similarities and differences between the new-product development process at Google versus that found at most other companies.
1. targeting markets which have existed for some time
2. produce innovative products
1. Google has the capability to implement major new services in a short duration of time compared to the competitors.
2. Google’s new-product development plan is relatively short in comparison with the other companies

Question 2
2. Is Google’s product-development process customer-centered? Team based? Systematic?
If they are in doubt, they will do something and they always pick the fastest path
It is systematic!
install an innovation management system to collect, review, evaluate and manage new-product ideas
Every new ideas or prototypes will be tried out as a beta version
Google Lab
Question 3
3. Considering the product life cycle, what challenges does Google face in managing its product portfolio?
Question 4
4. Is there a limit to how big Google’s product portfolio can grow? Explain.
no limit to how big Google’s product portfolio can grow
due to the innovation
Google would rather see projects fail quickly than see a carefully planned, long, drawn-out project fail.
Google is now in the stage of maturity in the Product Life Cycle (PLC).
Google is open to new-product ideas from just about any source
Question 5
5. Will Google be successful in markets where it does not dominate, such as networks and apps entertainment stores? Why or why not?
Yes,Google will be successful
due to its innovative
Google focuses on many categories
Google freewheeling new product development process moves at the speed of light.
the most innovative company in the world
organizing the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful to everyone
Their staff is working efficiently, help every individual in acquiring any information they desire, anytime, anywhere with precision plus speed.
quickly and nimble compared to their competitors
ever-flourishing innovative ideas
puts no restriction on where new ideas come from.
Everyone is able to contribute to the world positively through Google.
“ new-product innovation at the speed of light”
--- Google
Any questions??

Case Study
Google: New- Product Innovation at the Speed of Light


Group Member:
1. Loo Adrian CEA130050
2. Nur Hasfaiza bt Mohd Zaid CEA130063
3. Shah Irwan bin Mohd Noor Sham Kunusagaran CEA130077
4. Loh Wei Lun CEA130048
5. Lim Sin Pei CEA130043

Loo Adrian CEA130050
Loo Adrian CEA130050
Loo Adrian CEA130050
Loo Adrian CEA130050
Loo Adrian CEA130050
Loo Adrian CEA130050
Loo Adrian CEA130050
Loo Adrian CEA130050
Loo Adrian CEA130050
Lim Sin Pei CEA130043
Lim Sin Pei CEA130043
Lim Sin Pei CEA130043
Loh Wei Lun CEA130048
Loh Wei Lun CEA130048
Nur Hasfaiza bt Mohd Zaid CEA130063
Nur Hasfaiza bt Mohd Zaid CEA130063
Shah Irwan bin Mohd Noor Sham Kunusagaran CEA130077
Shah Irwan bin Mohd Noor Sham Kunusagaran CEA130077
Lim Sin Pei CEA130043
Loo Adrian CEA130050

Nur Hasfaiza bt Mohd Zaid CEA130063

Shah Irwan bin Mohd Noor Sham Kunusagaran CEA130077

Loh Wei Lun CEA130048

Lim Sin Pei CEA130043
Loo Adrian CEA130050
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