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No description

Scott H

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of FROZEN

Scott Henthorne & Shane McClendon
Background Information:
Why is
a good animation movie?
Animation team created 245 simulated costumes - More than all Disney movies combined
Entire visual concept of film based on Scandinavian art of Rosemaling
The average human has around 100,000 hairs on their head; Elsa has 420,000 hairs, Rapunzel only had 27,000 hairs
Effects team taught by Dr. Libbrecht - learned how snowflakes form and fall in nature
Created a snowflake generator that allowed the effects team to randomly create 2,000 unique snowflake shapes
Since animated movies are very commonly children's movies, it is important that they relate to children and their lives, and help to both engage the audience while keeping them easily distracted child interested
What makes an animated film good?
Artistic Animation
Voice Actors
Attention Holding
Relatable Characters
What makes a musical good?
Enhances Viewers Emotions
Entertaining Songs
Skills of Actors

In order to understand what makes a film good, the criteria for a "good " film should be stated
What kind of a film is
is an:
Started production after the release of
Based in Norway and contains Scandinavian culture
Songs produced by writers of
Winnie the Pooh
Features Broadway Stars Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell
What makes a good animated film? A good Musical? A good comedy?
What makes a comedy good?
Strong Characters
Rosemaling Examples
Animation cont.
Kristen Bell - wanted to make her character relatable to a modern girl; scrappy and awkward, with a bad posture
Plot twist
Theme: Love over fear
Challenges stereotypical damsel in distress
Producer Peter Del Vecho - "the songs have to earn their way into the film"
"The musical team behind "The Book of Mormon," Kristen and Robert Lopez, wrote original songs for Frozen"
Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel both have preformed on Broadway
Animation supervisor Wayne Unten - "We're not treating this as just singing a song, everything has to mean something"
Why is
a good musical movie?
Why is
a good comedy?
Olaf is the comical relief throughout the movie
Anna's clumsiness and naivety adds to the humor of the movie as well as Kristoff's sarcastic and hostile nature.
Why is
a good comedy? (cont).
often puts the characters in absurd situations
Anna visits a trading post that is selling the exact opposite of what she needs
Opposing views about
Ed Hooks, a writer for Cartoon Brew, and a professional acting trainer argues against the quality of the characters in Frozen
Hans - shows no signs of bad intentions for the first half of the movie and then turns out to be the antagonist without any signs whatsoever
Anna - shows no character development throughout the movie, she is "pretty much the same lovely, awkward, self-effacing girl at the end as she was at the beginning
Damien Straker, a movie critic for Impulse Gamers, "
recycled notions of love and the endurance of family values [... are] a safety net employed for box office draw but not for artistic success"
Refuting criticism about
Hans' sudden change of heart is necessary to break the cliche Disney archetype of a handsome prince saving the day
Anna does not go through any real maturity, but becomes self-aware of the evil in the world which exhibits her growth
Hans' change of heart was necessary in order to challenge the common views on love and family values
In general,
is a good animated, musical, comedy
It's theme of love over fear is apparent throughout the entire movie
It has top quality animations, musical content, and humor
It is another great contribution to Disney's arsenal of great animated movies
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