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School Uniforms


Emily Fox

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of School Uniforms

School Uniforms Fun fact! 95% of schools in
New Orleans have a uniform Limiting Creativity? Some Numbers Sum it up Examples Less distractions Less Cliques What about it? Safety? Cost? Why uniforms? In 1987 the first school started enforcing a uniform

23% of public and private schools have school uniforms

Many argue that uniforms do not improve the learning

The market for school uniforms in 2000 was 1.1
billion dollars

The average cost annually for a school uniform
ranges from $150- $250

Much cheaper than unregulated schools Uniforms help to decrease school violence

Provide a sense of security

Promoted better behavior Wearing the same clothes limits judgement

Making friends based on personality, not appearance

No one will be looking at clothing

More focus on work

Less judgement based what what individuals are wearing Everyone appears the same so people feel unified

A sense of pride is instilled

Critics argue uniforms take away freedom of expression

Not entirely true. One can still wear their hair differently and accessorize

Find other ways to be creative 81% of teachers say uniforms limit distraction and make for an improved learning environment

School suspension rates dropped 90% in Long Beach after instating a uniform

Only 5% of teachers say uniforms limit individuality
School uniforms are the best way to limit distraction in the learning environment
cost effective
less judgement
makes for a safer school
less likelihood for cliques
school pride

Give uniforms a chance-they are worth it! making a less distracting environment Boosts School Pride
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