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No description

Roxanne Salusalu

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Neurosurgeon

By:Roxanne Salusalu

Education Required and Career Path
Step 1: Earn a Bachelor's Degree. ...
Step 2: Attend Medical School. ...
Step 3: Pass the Medical Licensing Exam. ...
Step 4: Complete an Internship and Neurosurgical Residency Program. ...
Step 5: Become State Licensed and Board Certified. ...
Step 6: Continue Education
Training Skills
Active Listening
Critical Thinking
Complex Problem Solving
Judgment and Decision Making
Reading Comprehension
Active Learning
Social Perceptiveness
Service Orientation
Qualities,Attributes and Abilities
Able to manage stress
attention to detail and precision
Empathy and compassion
Problem solving
Salary: Entry-Experienced

Entry: Average salary of $309,354 per year.
Starting Hourly Rate: $50.00
Experienced: salary of around $800,000 per year.
Hourly Rate:$103.00-336.00
Perform Surgery
oversee and coordinate large teams
Interpret results of diagnostic tests
Operating microscope
Job Duties /qualification
Workplace and conditions
Environment is pleasant with most
patient interaction because of the tools you have to help you.
Work up to 59 to 60 hours depending on practice
Non complicated surgeries tale 3-4 hours
Complicated surgeries can take 10 hours or longer
Job Benefits and lookout for future
Benefits vary on years of experience, location and reputation
Grow 24% from 2010 to 2020
Three websites and who's hiring?
Kadlec clinic's neroscience center-Richardland,WA
Providences health services-Renton,wa
Would pursuse the career?
Yes, I would purse the career because it's interesting. Even though the work is hard, after saving someones ife it would totally be worth it.

The research I did just helped me understand this career more and it help me learn things i didn't know about this career.
Realationship to field of healthcare
This career is in the healthcare field because neurosurgeons perform all kinds of surgeries. Not only do they perform surgeries they also take care of people but saving their life and making sure their ok. That is how it relates to health care.
Social Security
Health Care
Time off
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