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English 170 presentation

Samantha Fernandes

on 9 April 2013

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Presentation by Samantha Fernandes Why We Crave Horror Movies
By Stephen King Synopsis Lets Analyze... And Keep Going.... Going... And Going... Questions... In 1982, Stephen King wrote a very brief essay titled "Why we Crave Horror Movies", in which he explained some of the reasons that people choose to go to horror movies to be entertained. King goes on to explain that we as a people need horror movies as a sort of release; to feed the darker elements within all of us without having to sacrifice our humanity (also, civility). In contrasts, people go to watch horror movies is to reassure themselves that they are normal. Another reason, is that people go to horror movies is to prove they can sit through it and are not afraid to watch such types of movies. His final reason is that people enjoy seeing others in danger. He gives examples in his essay by comparing horror movies to roller coasters. People ride roller coasters to prove that they have the courage to sit through it just like horror movies. He also goes to on to explain that people “crave” horror movies to manage their uncivilized emotions of fear, violence, and aggression. He concludes the essay by saying that horror movies appeal to the “worst in us.” Everyone can, according to King, relate to horror movies. Another example he used was the difference between a truckload of bowling bowls and a truckload of babies...which is better to unload with a pitchfork.
He uses evidence by bringing in popular icons such as Freda Jackson, Robert Redforth and Diana Ross. Stephen King’s juxtaposition of a humorous and grim tone in his essay creates an atmosphere for everyone’s taste. He has the serious tone for the serious person, and he peppers in some funny yet sick elements for the more flippant person. King used these two tones to create a unique essay that appeals to everyone while still getting his point across.
Its a persuasive type of essay as its convinces someone that all people are inherent insane
Its also a Informal essay as he uses humor to express his own opinion in conversational manner.
Mood: Foreboding(hinting that everyone has a dark side)
Voice or Sound: Cunning, Sly and Scary
Senses: (All senses lead to feeling) Stephen Kings statement in the essay created an emotion feeling which is greater than any physical feeling.
Imagery: He uses alot of illusion in his essay by convincing, stating and defending. Rhetoric is the art of persuasion using language. It is the study of principles and rules of composition formulated by critics of ancient times. Rhetoric has three main components. The first component, Logos, deals with rational appeal, facts evidence, history and science. The second component, which is Ethos, deals with ethical appeal, reliability, credibility and experience. The last component, Pathos, deals with emotional appeal, sympathy, empathy, and shared values. Stephen King uses rhetoric in his essay, Why We Crave Horror Movies, to influence his audience that we all crave horror movies because they are a passage for our aggressive desires. This is concrete as it underlying the message as he constantly defends his postion by providing examples and comparison. In the essay, "Why We Crave Horror Movies" by Stephen King the author tries to prove that the modern day horror movie is are relief of violence, are fix of adrenaline and fun, and also something that can dare the nightmare. King believes that humans need an healthy outlit to repress our emotions in a harmless manner. Inmate depravity makes humans inherently evil because of adam and eve. The article is written in first person as he starts of his essay as " I think we're all mentally ill.."
His audience could be anyone from his fan base to someone with a particular interest in movies (preferable horror movies. His audience could also be someone in the psychological field. I don’t think it was intended for any one audience. I could just be Stephen King trying to figure out why one of his characters behaves the way he does, and then King stumbled upon a human truth. Or it could be he was curious as to why he was so famous for both his books and movies.
Where might it be published? Newspaper, Billboards (subway, buses, museums, movie theaters etc), News Channels, media blogs and social media sites(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
The metaphor is the roller coaster and how it is for the young.
it works because he wrote" to show that we can, that we are not afraid, that we can ride this roller coaster"
This example is also how he uses to compare as part of his structure. What is your favorite horror movie of all time?

In reaction to seeing a horror movie, do you feel an effect would be more or less violence?

You are home alone and hear a loud noise. What do you do?
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