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No description

Louis Ortega

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Vintage

To gain greater insight on the competitor, Vintage must analyze the competitions

Long term vision and mission
of their marketing plan (Where and how will they innovate)
Technological capabilities
Pricing strategy
Age 20-30
Real Vintage items
Every part of her day & life
Decision making process
Information search
Evaluation of alternatives
Purchase decision
Post purchase evaluation
makeup artist
commitment to name
Truly vintage
• No exact targeted market
• Not sold in Brick-and-Mortar stores
• Website does not appear professional
• Packaging is very basic and is not consistent with brand image
• Inconsistent/boring profile pictures
• Limited product ingredient attention
A brick and mortar presence allows for an increase in sales
A wider selection of products would offer more possibilities for more consumers
A more defined brand equity would help the company grow and would help consumers build a relationship with the brand
A stronger social media presence would allure more customers in
Associations with different, well-known retailers and brands will only benefit the company’s image
Make-up removers, wipes, pads, facial cleansers
Retail and specialty store benefit from offering quality products
Storage containers and make up bags
Cosmetic packaging companies
Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers
Launched on HSN
(26 minute segment)
Bevy Website Hosts
Exclusive product offered in Ipsy box for the month of March
Publications such as WWD,
C Magazine, Pret-a-Reporter

The Vintage brand offers modern glamour through philosophy
Updated classic beauty
World-class Product Developer
15 introductory units consisting of products for the eyes, lips, and cheeks
Pop and accentuate features the consumer already has
Yet to introduce brick-and-mortar distribution or presence
Specialty boutiques are in the works
Entire product catalog is available for purchase on HSN.com
No current financials available as of yet
Estimated to gross $10 million in sales by 2018
Competitive advantage because of exposure garnered by HSN launch
Cross demographic opportunities
Easy adoptability because of Liebeskind's past projects
Mid-tier pricing
Yet to prove sustainability
New innovation by way of new technologies
Competition in the cosmetics/beauty industry is
due to powerhouses such as Sephora, leading to the over saturation of this market.

This will likely make it more difficult for Vintage to stand out amongst it's competitors.

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