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Skeleton B

No description

Tori Martinkovic

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Skeleton B

Walter Fonsworth was scooting along through the park, on his way to a charity Fair. Little did little Walter know, trouble was afoot. As Walter was making his way through the forest, he was being pursued by a much larger figure.
The attacker soon caught up to Walter and knocked him out from behind with a blunt object. The attacker then searched his pockets for valuables. When the little Walter wasn't responding, the attacker panicked and dug a hole to hide the body. Walters body was then recovered two months later.
These are the findings of little Walter Fonsworth.
Sex Determination
Based on the fact that the Pelvic
Cavity was heart-shaped and showed the sacrum and coccyx and the greater Sciatic Notch was 53 degrees the skeleton was a...

Race Determination
Due to the fact that the Nasal
Index was .70 and the Prognathism of the skull was prognathic, and the shape of the orbital openings were rectangular; the male skeleton is...

1.2.3 Bone Detectives
Based on how the femur, pelvis, and tibia are shaped and the size of the bones, and how the growth plates are fused to the bones, the age of the skeleton was determined to be...

Around 18

Age Determination
Height Determination
The height range of the skeleton is based on the maxiumum length of the femur and humerus. Using the regression formula we were able to find the average length of both bones. Then using the regression formula, we were able to determine the height range of the skeleton which is...

Around 4'9 to 5'1
Kaitlyn Buelow, Tori Martinkovic, Emily Purinton, and Maya Spearman

Skeleton B
We determined, based on overall bone shape, size and development that the skeleton belongs to Walter Fonsworth.
Walter was an 18 year old, black male, whose height is around 4'9-5'1.

Further Analysis
Facial reconstruction could be used in this case by reconstructing the face to the family identify the body and help the investigators.
Another Analysis that could be used is AMS dating, this could identify how long the person has been missing.
Bone Marrow tests can also be used to help identify if the person was healthy or not which could narrow done the list of people.
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