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Special Techniques of Technical Writing

No description

Mary Mendeja

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Special Techniques of Technical Writing

Four distinctive writing techniques
is classified as:
Systematic process of dividing
material into kinds of classes
Special Techniques of Technical Writing
Informal Definition
-It clarifies a word by giving another word that means the same.
Bitch is a female dog.
Formal Definition
-Species (WORD) + Genus (CLASS) + Differentiae
Skimming is a reading technique of allowing the eyes to travel over a page very quickly, stopping only here and there to gain an idea.
Amplified or Extended Definition
-amplify a definition by a general discussion of an object, process or concepts.
» Categorize

» Grouping similar types
into small parts

PRINCIPLES of Classification

1. Classify consistently on a
single basis which points to a fundamental
distinctions among the member of the class
Ex. Characteristics; features
2. The basis should further the purpose
of controlling it

3. Should not overlap. Distinct
and separate
Ex. According to time

4. Name species according to a
given basis
» A mechanism is an assemble of
movables having one part fixed with respect
to a frame of reference an designed to
produce an effect
Example: How an object works.
» Series of steps to get
something done (process)
Example: Making Pancakes
1. Text itself » within the paragraph

2. Footnote

3. In a special section, in the introduction

4. In the glossary, End of the report

Weight Loss
People looking to lose weight have a few options: exercise, diet, weight loss pills, and surgery. Exercising involves going to a gym, working out at home, or joining some sort of class or sports team. Those who are dieting can talk to a doctor about a plan for them. Weight loss pills can be taken, if proper precautions and directions are followed. Individuals who are severely overweight can talk to a doctor about having surgery to lose the weight that they need.
Example of classification
The key board is a device that is used to input information, and it can be compared to a typewriter, because it has letter keys and symbols. Also, these keys transmit electrical signals,which register inside the keyboard’s circuitry.
The Mouse is a plastic device that is used to point objects and to detect two
dimensional motion. The mouse translates the motion of a person’s hand into the computer by using mechanical sensors.
The monitor is an output device that resembles a television screen. It transmits commands, and it displays commands in the form of text, images, or graphics.
Memory is stored inside silicone chips built into the computer, and it is used to store large amounts of information, and to store temporary files or permanent files.
Hard Disk.
Hard disk is the part of the computer’s disk drive, which stores digitally encoded data.
Mother board is a socket on the side of the computer, which is used to install or connect additional components.
Central processing Unit.
Central processing unit is an electronic circuit that executes commands implied by computer program instructions.
Description of Parts of a Laptop and their Functions
A person operating a laptop can accomplish many different tasks, because its main function is to respond to commands that allow it to produce documents, retrieve information or communicate with others. Commands are typed into the keyboard, and are executed by the computer processor, these signals are then transmitted on the computer monitor. In addition, a person can operate a mouse, and command the laptop to do certain tasks. For example, an individual can open and close files, or may also choose to design documents with the use of a mouse.
The Laptop is very efficient because it can produce large projects. This makes it a very valuable tool for entrepreneurs, and the demand for portable computers has also grown in the past few years, because current laptops have greater storage capacity, and modern laptops can perform many of the same tasks as regular desktop computers.
Operating Description and Conclusion of a Laptop
Pancakes are a delicious breakfast food that we eat with maple syrup. Making pancakes is easy, as it requires only basic ingredients and a few simple steps. First, collect all your ingredients together. You will need sugar, flour, salt, milk, eggs, and oil, as well as a frying pan. The first step is to mix the dry ingredients. Measure a cup of flour, and mix it with half a cup of sugar and a tablespoon of salt. After you have finished mixing the dry ingredients, you should pull out a separate bowl to mix the liquids. Crack an egg into your bowl and pour in a cup of milk and a tablespoon of oil. Break the yolk and stir vigorously. Once the liquids are properly mixed, add them to the solids. Stir until the batter is consistent. It should be about as viscous as honey. If it is too wet, add some flour. Likewise, if it is too dry, add some milk or water. To cook the pancake, pour a half cup of batter into a greased frying pan. Once the batter starts to bubble, flip the pancake with a spatula. Be careful not to drop the pancake down too hard on the pan because it could splash batter everywhere. When the pancake is brown around the edges, likely after about a minute, remove it from the pan with a spatula. It is now ready to eat. Serving pancakes with butter and syrup is traditional, but you could serve it with jam or whipped cream. The whole process from preparation to serving only takes fifteen minutes, and you will have a sweet and hearty breakfast for the whole family.
How to make Pancake
Everybody has felt it at one time or another, be itfor a person, pet, or even a non-living object. That feeling is love. Love is felt in different intensities; it may consume your whole being, or perhaps it’s just a little crush. Some people search for what seem their whole lifetimes for love, whereas others may seem to fall in and out of love on a regular basis. Of course, here we are talking about people. We can love many things, but the love between two people is unique and special. Love is rarely defined because everyone experiences it differently. What one person thinks is love, another may think is infatuation or vice versa. How does one know he or she is in love? How is it possible to distinguish between the love of romance and the love shared between friends? In order to understand love, we need to first understand the two major types of love: romantic love and friendship love. People often define romantic love based on its difference from friendship love. Would you kiss your friend? Perhaps, but it is not necessarily the things you do with your romantic partner that makes your love romantic. Romantic love is often confused with infatuation because itis so all- consuming. Romantic lovers are usually on each other’s minds. A person may make decisions based on his or her romantic partner, such as whether or not to move to a different province for a job and leave his or her partner behind. People make large life decisions based on their romantic partnersbecause they can’t imagine life without those people. Romantic love guides a person’s mind and can sometimes cloud it as to what the right decision may be. After all,romantic love can be extremely selfless. The famous playwright, William Shakespear e, one of the greatest advocates for romantic love, alludes to ro mantic love as being like drunkenness in his play The Tempest. Like too much alcohol or happy drugs, romantic love takes over all senses in a person, and somewhat changes his or her outlook.A person in love romantically is often said to havea “perma-smile” and is difficult to make unhappy. It is no wonder that most people seek out romantic love, rather than be with the simple love shared between friends.
What is love?
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