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Spoke diagram

No description

Noah Stvens

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Spoke diagram

Spoke Prezi Noah Stevens New England Who?/Why? Many puritans or people that wanted to "purify" the church of England started getting executed, so they decided to leave. Others wanted profit or compete for countries for wealth. Pilgrims (or person to goes to a place for religious reasons) led by William Bedford (1620) and Puritans led by John Winthrop (1630) Climate and Geography Massachusetts:
Harsh Winters and Warm summers Rhode Island:
Hot, Humid summers; cold, snowy winters Connecticut:
Cold winters, Mild summers Massachusetts:
Sandy coast with good ports, rich pastures, forests. Rhode Island:
Coastal lowlands; flat, rocky woodlands Connecticut:
Forested hills, Sea coast Economy/Jobs available Farming (crops and/or livestock)
Owning a shop,
Trading and
Shipbuilding Government Self Governing with heavy religious influence,
Some had written constitutions Slavery or Indentured servants They had neither Land or Voting rights Middle Colony Who?/Why? Dutch and English lead by Dutch west India Company and James Duke of York; English Quakers and Europeans lead by William Penn People looking for new lives, Others looking for freedom and equality Climate and Geography New York:
Cold, Snowy winters, humid summers Pennsylvania:
Cold winters; Hot humid summers New York:
Wetlands along the coast and Hudson river, forested mountains to the north Pennsylvania:
Rolling hills, trees, and fertile soil Economy/Jobs available Farming (Crops and Dairy),
Iron Mining,
Slave trading and
Shipbuilding Government New York:
British-chose governor and council change with elected Assembly

Self-Governing Savory and indentured Servants Didn't need any of these, but wasn't illegal Middle Colonies Who?/Why? Climate and Geography Economy/Jobs available Farming and ranching(Crops, beef and dairy),
Iron Mining,
Trade and
Skilled labor Government Self governing
Some had elected assembly's Slavery or Indentured servants Had african slaves Catholics and protestants led by Cecil Calvert (Lord Baltimore)

English landowners, skilled laborers and people seeking profit led by Sir Walter Raleigh and the Virginia Company

Deports from English prisons and europeans lead by George II and James Edward Oglethorpe People seeking religious and political freedom, others wanted profit and cheap land. Maryland:
Cold, rainy winters; hot humid summers

Mild winters; Hot humid summers

Short, mild winters; Long, hot and humid summers Maryland:
Low, fertile land surrounding Chesapeake Bay

Coastal lowlands, wooded mountians

Wetlands and red-clay plains; forested mountains Information gotten from
History Alive!
The United States
Through Industrialism The End
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