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Welcome to Jumpjet

New Employee Seminar

andrew mahr

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to Jumpjet

New Hire Orientation Education & Training Program
Orientation Seminar

The Market

How Jumpjet Works

The Rules that Make it Work

Building our Culture

What Success Looks Like Agenda - Orientation Elevator Speech

Jumpjet is the most affordable way to fly in a private jet. You
become a member and like any club, there are different
levels of membership. Each level offers 10 round trips a
year for a monthly fee that ranges from $2,350 to $5,500,
and there is an add-on program that allows you to take
guests. You can fly across the country or more regionally
depending on the membership level you choose. We have
40 membership cities from which you can fly to more than
800 domestic airports. Kids under 3 fly free and you can take
a dog with you. Concierge service is included to make the
trip totally hassle free. There is also a shared membership
program that allows up to ten people to share a membership.


Enhance I. Philosophy Jumpjet is a very different business model from anything in the aviation industry today. All our people have been selected because they have the right technical and business skills for their positions, however a corporate orientation is required for all employees and critical supply chain staff so they can adapt their skills to our mission.

The tagline “Fly private for the price of first” describes our purpose well. Keep it in mind at all times, even if marketing messages change from time to time.

All employees are expected to know something about the roles of other employees. There will be times when we all need to work together to solve problems and even cover for someone else in another role on occasion.

YOU are expected to form and become the culture at Jumpjet.

The only dumb question is the one that was not asked.

Our team works like a finely tuned machine in a professional, friendly, nurturing and supportive environment. Great Product
Great Employees
Great Brand SUCCESS So what is We are a membership based company
We are a new concept in aviation filling a niche that others are not.
Jumpjet brings private jet travel to those that would otherwise not be able to afford it.
We are an agent for our members and do not own or operate any aircraft. What makes Jumpjet Different? Jumpjet brings the convenience of private jet travel to the typical first class passenger.
What is the current travel experience like on the airlines?
Jumpjets memberships are created together with our members.
Jumpjet saves time, and just makes sense! Why do our valued Members care? Jumpjet's Growth plans First year domestic travel only
Second year start international service with plans on a UK office for our Europe operations.
On to the Middle East (Dubai)
And the fastest growing market in the world for corporate aviation, Asia Jumpjet plans on expanding, which means endless opportunities for growth Who is our customer? Typically flies first class on the airlines
Makes about 200k and up a year.
Anyone looking for a easier way to travel
Small to midsize companies Executive Management team Support Staff Member Services Flight Planning Perceptis Concierge Avinode Operators FBO Where our members are at.

1.Albuquerque NM: ABQ (6,000-13,793ft)
2.Aspen CO: ASE (8,006ft)
3.Atlanta GA: PDK (6,001ft)
4.Austin TX: AUS (12,248-9,000ft)
5.Baltimore MD: MTN (6,996ft)
6.Boston MA: Hyannis, HYA (5,252-5,425ft)
7.Chicago IL: MDW (3,859-6,522ft) Prospect Heights, PWK (3,660-5,000ft)
8.Cleveland OH: CLE (6,017-9,955ft)
9.Dallas TX: DAL (6,147-8,800ft) RBD (3,800-6,451ft) DFW (8,500-13,401ft)
10.Denver CO: DIA (12,000-16,000ft) Centennial, APA (4,800-10,001ft)
11.Detroit MI: DTW (8,500-12,003ft)
12.Ft. Lauderdale FL: FLL (5,276-9,000ft) FXE (4,000-6,001ft)
13.Houston TX: IAH (9,000-12,001ft) HOU (5,148-7,602ft)
14.Kansas City MO: MCI (9,500-10,801ft) MKC (5,050-7,002ft)
15.Las Vegas NV: HSH (5,001-6,501ft) LAS (8,985-14,510ft) VGT (4,202-5,004ft)
16.Los Angeles CA: VNY (4,011-8,001ft) LAX (8,925-12,091ft)
17.Miami FL: MIA (8,600-13,000ft) TMB (4,001-6,002ft)
18.Minneapolis MN: MSP (8,000-11,006ft) FCM (2,691-5,000ft)
19.Naples FL: APF (1,850-5,290ft)
20.Nashville TN: BNA (7,703-11,030ft) KJWN,(5,500ft)

21.Nassau Bahamas: NAS (2,537-3,358ft)
22.New York City Metro Area NY: Teterboro, TEB (6,013-7,000ft) JFK (8,400-14,572ft) LGA (7,001-7,003ft)
23.Oklahoma City OK: OKC (3,078-9,802ft) PWA (4,213-7,198ft)
24.Orange County CA: SNA (2,887-5,701ft)
25.Palm Springs CA: PSP (4,952-10,001ft)
26.Phoenix AZ: PHX (7,800-11,489ft) DVT (4,508-8,197ft) AZA (9,300-10,400ft)
27.Portland OR: PDX (6,000-11,000ft) HIO (4,049-6,600ft) TTD (5,399ft)
28.Raleigh NC: RDU (3,570-10,000ft) Sanford, TTA (6,500ft)
29.San Antonio TX: SAT (5,519-8,505ft) SSF (4,128-5,000ft)
30.San Diego CA: SAN (9,401ft) SDM (3,180-7,972ft) MYF (3,400-4,577ft)
31.San Francisco CA: SFO (7,500-11,870ft) OAK (3,372-10,000ft)
32.Santa Barbara CA: SBA (4,179-6,052ft)
33.Santa Fe NM: SAF (6,300-8,342ft)
34.Seattle WA: SEA (8,500-11,900ft) BFI (3,710-10,000ft)
35.Trenton/Mercer NJ: TTN (4,800-6,006ft)
36.Tucson AZ: TUS (7,000-10,996ft) RYN (4,000-5,500ft)
37.Vail CO: EGE (9,000ft)
38.Washington D.C.: DCA (4,911-7,169ft) IAD (9,400-11,500ft) Our Launch Cities
Who likes today’s airport process?

Who likes today’s domestic airline service?

Speed, efficiency, crowd-less


Priced at about the cost of full fare coach or first

Supported by concierge services Understanding the Value
We need to reinforce the value at every opportunity

Emphasize the simplicity at the FBO

DO NOT talk about ‘avoiding airport security’

Talk privacy, comfort, convenience

Use your list of comparisons and weave them into conversations with Members

It’s the end-to-end experience that makes it special, not any individual aspect of the trip Talking the Value CONVENIENCE
SAFETY Top Ten Reasons for Jumpjet
Accumulating Demand for Trips

Aggregating Demand into Efficient Trips and Routes

Chartering Aircraft that Fit the Demand

Following up with Members on the Experience III. How Jumpjet Works
DoT Statistics for how the US flies

Members outline their advanced plans

Jumpjet sorts these requests into multi-Member trips

Jumpjet charters trips and notifies Members

Jumpjet aggregates trips into efficient routings Accumulating Demand for Trips Key points:

Mean flight time for national travel is 828 miles or 2.05 hours.
Mean flight time for Jumpjet travel is 761 miles or 1.85 hours.
Jumpjet controls how much is spent on lift each month. Dot / FAA Statistics
Jumpjet has RouteFlex – no one else has it

Flight Planning operates RouteFlex frequently

Member reservations come in by web or by phone

RouteFlex prepares a draft schedule

Flight Planners refine the schedule Aggregating Demand
Jumpjet charters aircraft to meet the demand

Flight Planners put in flight details to Avinode

Avinode returns us several operator bids

Flight Planners select from most appropriate bids

Flight Planners write the contract Chartering Aircraft
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