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Theaesta: a Lifeform, an Intelligent Planet. Imagined by Tim Holmes

Here is a vision of an exoplanet with intelligent life. But if we were to ever meet, would recognize each other as intelligent? TimHolmesStudio.com

Tim Holmes

on 12 October 2018

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Transcript of Theaesta: a Lifeform, an Intelligent Planet. Imagined by Tim Holmes

I Early Lifeforms
Elemental life systems arise within several separate but viable biotic environments based on:

Mineral salts
II Differentiation
These diverse life systems appear and evovle in complex cooperative inter-dependence, thus expanding the survivability of all systems among constantly oscilating conditions.
III Cooperative Explosion and Intelligence
Cooperative microbial lifeforms consisting of millions of "species" arise in every microenvironment and spreads across the planet, covering it like a skin.
...lifeforms ranging from those floating in the atmosphere to the liquid seas and even beneath the rock crust.

Solar System Expansion
Drastic orbital shift
IV Flexibile Planetary Expansion and the Organism "Theaesta"
The lifeform "Theaesta" becomes resilient by adapting to all extremes through interbiotic-system cooperation.

Now intelligent enough to exploit any matter it encounters, every asteroid and meteorite turns from threat to transport, extending Theaesta life in all directions.

It is resilient enough to respond almost instantly to any environment it encounters, evolving to take greatest advantage of its host's conditions.
A rapid-response planetary organism arises by means of morphic resonance fields creates an interwoven intelligence, a product of a network of information exchange among all lifeforms spanning the planet.
Theaesta is thrown into an orbit that plunges its conditions into impossible extremes. But Theaesta has become so robust that it creates opportunities in almost any environ from baking near the star to near-zero freezing for decades on end.
"The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine."

-Haldane's law

is a large terrestrial exoplanet at the far edge of the habitable zone of a sun-like star, with intense gravity, seas of various liquids and a heavy atmosphere ravaged by constant high-wind storms. A rapid rotation makes the varied climate somewhat evenly distributed across the surface.

Life evolves in separate regional chemical environs, but due to these extreme conditions, only on a microbiotic level.
Impacts spew life-encrusted bits into space, seeding the solar system's parts, from sand grains to gas giant planets.
But then something really wild happens...
A passing rogue planet throws Theaesta into a radical eliptical orbit making it nearly impossible for life to survive.
Tim Holmes • TimHolmesStudio.com
Imagined by:
Five epochs of life on an exoplanet
Detailed exo-life description: http://bodypsalms.blogspot.com/2014/04/would-we-recognize-intelligent-life-if.html
Music: Gustav Holst , "Pluto Lord of the Underworld"
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