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Ip man

No description

Tim Thomas

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Ip man

Early life
ip man was born in Foshan China october 1st 1893 to a wealthy family. Foshan was known for its five martial arts schools that chose its students. Ip was trained in wing chun by chan wa-shun who died when Ip was 16 he had only three years of training . One of shuns pupils continued to train ip.
Ip and wing chun
Wing chun is a martial art that focuses on delivering endless atttacks from extremely close range. it is an art that requires extreme skill. Although Ip trained hardly and was considered one of the best martial masters , he took a strong vow to never fight anyone. That vow would be broken.
The second Sino Japanese War
The second sino japanese was a conflict between the republic of china and the japanese begining in 1937 and ending in 1945. the second sino japanese war was a hard and devastating war that changed forever.
The second sino japanese war had over 8,000,000 chinese casualtys , many were civilians.
Ip and the war
when war broke out in foshan Ip was forced to leave his family home so the japanese could use the house as a military base. The mansion had been a home for generations of the Ip family. The population of Foshan china was decreased from 300,000 people to only 70,000 people with bombing raids.
General Miura of the japanese army had been hosting fights between chinese and japanese martial artists. Somtimes after matches chinese fighters who lost would be executed. The japanese army recruited workers who knew martial arts by giving the champion of the arena a bag of rice if they won in the arena.
Ip escaped with his family to Hong Kong, and would began a wing chun school in 1945 ahter the second Sino Japanese War. Hong Kong was occupied by British since the 1800s , the British controlled the econmy and left many Chinese poor.
Ip man
Japanese martial arts arena
There are many tall tales about Ip man entering the arena, some claim Ip defeated ten karate black belts to avenge his friends who died in the arena, and that he would later take infamous general Miura of the Japanese army. What is known for sure is that Ip man did enter the arena and win , the Japanese were interested Ip and threatened to kill him if he did return to the arena. Ip later escaped to Hongkong.
Ip in the arena
life in Hong Kong

wing shun school
although times were hard in hong kong Ip was able to start a shcool in the late fiftys. one of his students was the famous Bruce lee. by the early sixtys Ip recruited millions of people worldwide into wing chun. Ip died a couple of months .
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