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Turtles By : Valerie Ensign & Melanie Chavez

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Turtles By : Valerie Ensign & Melanie Chavez

What they eat
The leather back sea turtle eats jellyfish, sea squirts, and other soft-bodied animals.
Hawksbill sea turtles eat sponges, anemones, squid, and shrimp.
Chinese soft-shelled turtles eat remains of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, insects, and seeds.
The Loggerhead sea turtles eat meat, shellfish, horseshoe crabs, clams, & mussels.
The red-eared turtles eat vegetables, fruits, and greens that should be cut into bite size pieces.
Leather back Sea turtle
A female leather back sea turtle heaves herself from the surf at night to nest.
Females often return to the same nesting areas where they were born to produce their own offspring.
They can weigh up until 2,000 pounds, & up until 6 feet long.
Leatherback sea turtles are endangered.
Hawksbill turtles swim just above the seafloor with their flippers spread out like wings.
Hawksbill get their name from their tapered heads, which end in a sharp point resembling a bird's beak.
Hawksbill turtles are found throughout the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.
They are an indangered species of turtles.
Loggerhead sea turtles are oceanic turtles distributed through out the world.
The average loggerhead measures around 90 cm, long when full grown, although larger specimens up to 280 cm.
The adult loggerhead sea turtle weighs approximately 135 kg.
Loggerhead sea turtles has a lifespan of 47-67 years.
They are the world`s 2nd largest hard-shelled turtles.
They feed along the coastlines of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and in the Arabian Sea.
Chinese soft back Turtle
They dunk their heads in puddles up to 100 minutes at a time, they are in fact urinating from their mouths.
They are found in swamps and marshlands across Asia.
Wild populations of the Chinese softback turtles are threatened by exploitation for food, and being caught for captivity.
They have long harvest for food, & folk remedy tonics.
Red-eared slider
Most popular pet in the United States and is also the most popular pet in the world.
It has therefor became the most trapped turtles.
They have became invasive species in many areas.
The red-eared slider is in the List of the world`s 100 most inasive species.
Turtles By : Valerie Ensign & Melanie Chavez
Hawksbill Turtle
Pictures of adorable turtles
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