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Literary Terms Used in "The Most Dangerous Game"

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Kayla Merrell

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Literary Terms Used in "The Most Dangerous Game"

Literary Terms The Most Dangerous Game What are they used for? Clues!
Enrich or Enhance writing
Show emotion
To create a certain effect What literary terms do you know? Being able to picture the events occurring in the story due to descriptive words. Imagery Comparing two unlike things while using "like" or "as" Simile Comparing two unlike objects without using "like" or "as" Metaphor Clues that the author gives towards a future event Foreshadowing Internal Conflict: when a character is struggling or having conflict within themselves Conflict Example: Example with "Like": Example with "As": + http://homeworkoutpros.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/man_running.jpg http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/002/cache/lightning-over-water_270_600x450.jpg Example: + http://puppybehavior.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/cats_dogs_together_760114.jpg http://aumusiclibrary.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/rain.jpg Example: http://hotnerdgirl.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/katniss-peeta-on-fire-1.jpg What internal conflicts do you have? External Conflict: issues that arise from an outside force Do you have any conflicts that were caused by an outside force? Man V.S. Man: conflict between to people/characters Have you ever done something to someone else? What does the title mean? Written in 1924
Big-Game hunting became popular in the 1920's for the rich
What is Big-Game hunting? History https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1uR4P_HCSupvjNp7Fy3suVeSvn3Xu9SAz13fGuDn-OSBzCPxB
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