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Sample Customer Persona

No description

Christopher Zobrist

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Sample Customer Persona

Sample Customer Persona
Senior University Student

Mr. Nguyen
Personal Information
21 years old
Male, Single
Senior at HCM Univ of Tech
Studies Computer Science
Lives in District 8
Has two younger brothers
What are his Needs and Goals?
Graduate and get a good job
Earn money to support family
Get promotions and higher salary
Gain skills to use in future career
Find a girlfriend
Hang out with friends
How does he spend his time?
Goes to almost all classes
Does all assignments but skips some readings
Studies at home and in cafes
Meets friends to hang out
Learns about mobile app development from friends and internet
Goes to Tech Meetups, Barcamp, etc
What's he Thinking?
"I want to have my own business someday!"
What is he doing?
Doing homework on his computer at home.
How's he Feeling?
Feels happy because he's almost finished with school and is wondering what he should do next.
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