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Writing Assignment 1 Feedback

No description

Hallie Bodey

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Writing Assignment 1 Feedback

Writing Assignment 1 Feedback
Assignment: Car Comparison
Either compare cars covered in class or compare one of the cars covered in class with the car you want
"In addition, BMW is too luxury to me."
Luxury (NP)
"Although it doesn't have so luxury items as BMW, it's enough for me."
As...as vs. than
"I need to save more money as much as I did."
"The form of Toyota is as beautiful as ___ BMW."
"___ BMW car that we saw today was as cool as ___ Toyota car. "
"And BMW is as famous as Toyota."
"Luxury" =/= "Luxury items"
"as many (N or NP) as"
either: "not so many (N or NP) as" or: "not as many (N or NP) as"
What is the ADJ?
With Modals
"Toyota may not so cool looking as BMW, but more functional."
"The brand of TOYOTA is not so good and cool as any other brands for me, yes, I dislike TOYOTA so much."
Writing vs. Speaking
Written correction:
not (so or as) (n or np) nor (so or as) (n or np)
X's not (so or as) (n or np), and it's not (so or as) (n or np) as
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