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Characters of Romeo and Juliet

No description

Marta Ardavin

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Characters of Romeo and Juliet

The Prince of Verona, is the mediator of the feuding families. It is the voice of authority of Verona, enforces his authority. It appears only three times, in which important facts manages the enmity of the two families.
Prince Escalus
He is a friend and confidant of Romeo, Benvolio mate. He has a brother named Valentino. He likes to make speeches, has ability to speak. It has free spirit, is very unwise. Because of his quick wit, it is one of the most popular characters in Shakespeare.

Friar Laurence
It is a Franciscan monk, a friend of the couple formed by Romeo and Juliet. It's who house them in secret.
Count Paris
It is a relative of Prince Escalus and wants to marry Juliet. He is described as a handsome, interested and very wealthy man. He makes his first appearance in Act I, Scene II, in which he expresses his desire to marry Juliet. But when Capulet, the father of this, objected, citing the age of your child, you should wait for it to be more mature, Paris and Capulets ends up convincing you change your mind, making the decision to marry them immediately.

Characters of Romeo and Juliet
He is the patriarch of the family Capulet and Juliet's father. It is very rich, is aristocratic, so it can be called Mr. Capulet. He likes to have fun, to party. In the dance performed at home, which comes Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio, Tybalt wants to build lawsuit with Romeo, but Capulet refuses to riot in her dancing.

Lord Capulet
Juliet is near its 14 birthday And close to this date, is to be held the Bread Festival. At first no inclination by anyone or marry, but ends up falling in love with Romeo.
Juliet Capulet
Juliet's nurse is a very important character in the work. He had a daughter named Susan, who is dead, like her husband. He is confident of Juliet and is like a mother to her. She is one of the few people, along with Friar Laurence, who help in the romance of Romeo and Juliet. In some editions it is known simply as love.
Juliet loves
He was the cousin of Juliet. Then, at the party, he wants to kill Romeo for having entered the home of the two feuding Capulet families being, but his brother prevented. In his meeting with Mercutio, Benvolio and Romeo, the latter challenges him to a duel, Romeo and Mercutio refuses, thinking that Romeo is being coward, accepts and loses the match. Finally, he is killed by Romeo, in revenge for the death of his best friend.
Tybalt Capulet
He is the patriarch of the house of the Montagues, Romeo's father and uncle Benvolio. As Capulet, is rich but not Aristocrat. It is very concerned about the sadness of his son and entrusted his nephew Benvolio to find out the causes of Romeo sentences.
Lord Montague
At the beginning of the script, Romeo has an unrequited love with Rosalind. To encourage him, Benvolio and Mercutio friends take him to the formal dance of the Capulets, without invitation. After its infiltration, knows the only child of that family, Juliet, whom he falls in love. Murderer Tybalt and Paris.
Romeo Montague
He is the cousin of Romeo. He Romeo and Mercutio are friends. Benvolio hates the fight and try to avoid the initial fight and Tybalt and Mercutio duel.
Benvolio Montague
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