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Henlopen organisms

No description

Adria Peters

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of Henlopen organisms

Henlopen organisms
Class: Crustacean
Calico crab
bleached by the sun
Blue point crab
Spider crab
spikes on exoskeleton
Ghost Crab
abdomen comes to a point
abdomen is broad to hold the eggs
Acorn barnacles
sea star
Phylum: Mollusk
Class: Univalve/Gastropod
Knobbed whelk
whelk egg case
lightning whelk
channeled whelk
side view
trap door
"trap door"
bay scallop
"bay is gray"
calico scallop
razor clam
jackknife clam
soft shell clam
elephant ear oyster
traps foreign substances
and produces pearls
blue mussel

ribbed mussel
jingle shell
mermaid's toe nail
mud snail
mud snail eggs
mermaid's purse
North Atlantic Moon snail
front view
Shark Eye (moon snail)
front view
slipper shell
pocket not as deep
Hard shell clam/surf clam
(yellowish/brownish color on
the exterior...cream-colored on
the interior)
Blood ark
Spiny jewel box/kitten's paw
(purple interior)
Fun fact: Seashells used to
be used as one of the first forms
of money. Purple symbolized
Angel Wing (more fragile
and bigger)
False angel wing (smaller)
Phylum: Arthropod
fiddler crab
Phylum: Arthropod
Class: Arachnid

horseshoe crab
sand crab
mole crab
Phylum: Mollusk
Class: Bivalve

fish vertebrate
skate egg case
mermaid's purse
jingle shell oyster
boat shell
Worm tubes
Sea lettuce
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