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Hallmark Case Study

Case study on Hallmark's sound cards PR campaign from 2005

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Hallmark Case Study

Hallmark Sound Card Product Launch: Sweet Music!
Increase sales
Program Execution
Product Research:
social expression and brand relevance
Focus Groups:
collecting opinions
Sales Data Research:
current and new consumers
Online Research:
consumer poll
As a greeting card company in a dynamic age of communication, how are you supposed to stay fresh and relevant in a flat industry?
Let's Discuss. . .
1. This case study is about 8 years old, making the idea of sound cards that old as well. How can Hallmark (and other brands in "flat industries") keep driving sales by creating momentum in new products when their overall market is so limited?

2. Do you think this campaign would have had as much impact today, in an age of rising music piracy and smartphones?
Presented by: Ariana Moshref
Key takeaway: music communication has to be
The 411
founded in 1910
privately held, headquartered in Kansas City
multinational company
worth $4.2 bil
informational: raise awareness
behavioral: drive consumers to Hallmark stores to experience cards
attitudinal: create elements of surprise and excitement
speak to "nontraditional" secondary audiences
use creative experts to tell a story
leverage specific cards to gain media attention
Card samples
Fan club websites
Radio "trade-for-mentions"
Radio media tour
Satellite media tour
Customized pitching
total store sales +3.1%
everyday card sales +9%
holiday cards +9%
59 mil radio/TV impressions
50 mil print impressions
My Critique
Hallmark was able to leverage sales, demonstrate relevancy through innovation, and remind consumers of "the power of the card."
in-depth research efforts
appeal to a large audience
lacked specificity in objectives
went a little overboard with "matching" products
The Answer
$4.99 card with a 30-second high quality sound recording
campaign: arose out of the desire to stay relevant and offer a product as unique as their customers
target audience: everyone with ears
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