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The War in Syria

No description

Miss Cummins

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of The War in Syria

The War in Syria
Protesters initially just wanted more freedom
Then protestors wanted President Assad to step down . . . but he wouldn't.

Violence got worse - Assad began offering changes but the rebels would not believe him.
There was no one name for the rebels at this time - there was over 1000 different groups

And the war became more than a war against against Assad
7 million Syrians have fled Syria
250,000 people have died
What can we do?
Information about Syria
Capital: Damascus
Population: 22.85 million (2013) ---- 17.07 million (2014) est.
President: Bashar al-Assad
Continent: Asia
Language: Arabic
Area: 185,180 km2
Over seven million have fled outside Syria
A further seven million have be forced to flee within Syria
50% are children
Where are they going?
The rise of IS
Where did it all begin ???
Early 2014
An Iraq extremist group called the Islamic State (IS) began taking over large areas of Iraq
They were extremely violent
Violence anybody who did not agree with their extremist view
They also persecuted anyone who was Christian or many other religions
March 2011 in Daraa
15 school children were arrested for writing anti government graffiti on a wall
These children were believed to have been tortured
Locals protested !
Began peaceful - asking for more freedom
September 2014
US, UK and other countries unite to fight against ISIS

Clash between President and rebel forces who want him gone !
18th March 2011

The army opened fire at protesters and KILLED four protestors
The NEXT day
The army opened fire at the mourners killing another civilian !

This lead to widespread unrest around the country
Later in 2014

IS now named ISIS - moved over to Eastern Syria

In the chaos of the war they managed to take land and power very quickly
President Bashar al-Assad
December 2015
MPs in agreed that military action was needed
And the first airstrikes began
Many refugees have nowhere to go/live
Many are living in horrendous 'camps'
Should we all take as many refugees as we can?
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