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Early Ecumenical Councils

No description

Paula Watkins

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Early Ecumenical Councils

Early Ecumenical Councils
First Nicaea
Affirmed that Jesus is true God
First Constantinople
Affirmed the divinity of the Holy Spirit
Proclaimed Mary Theotokos which means God bearer;
Affirmed the unity of Jesus as one Divine Person, even in the womb
Affirmed Jesus as one Divine Person with two natures: human and divine
Second Constantinople
Affirmed the teaching of the Trinity and Incarnation
Third Constantinople
Affirmed Jesus' two wills - human and divine - along with two natures; human will submits to divine will
Second Nicaea
Affirmed worship is due to God alone and that we can venerate (show deep respect for) Saints, relics and sacred images
MHT 8th Grade Ch. 4
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