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Anasazi Presentation

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Richard Ortiz

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Anasazi Presentation

ANASAZI The Samuel Ortiz Introduction Rich in culture.
Lived in 'Four-Corners-Region.'
Ancestors of today's Pueblo Native Americans.
Accurate account of life of the Anasazi The Anasazi Chronology Anasazi Chronology
Created in 1927

How and when the Anasazi rose, evolved, and fell. The Era's of the Anasazi Dates back to the Southwestern Late Archaic era.
Started in 5500 B.C. Followed by Basket-Maker era.
From C.E. 200 to 750 The Pueblo Eras.
Longest of the Eras
From C.E. 750 to 1300 During these Eras Dependance on cultivated plants
Pottery was made.
Population increase
Bigger Structures Chaco Canyon’s Pueblo Bonito Constructed over 300 year period
600 rooms
Five-stories high
Rooms for collective & religious ceremonies

Traded goods
Turquoise, copper bells, incense burners, and marine shell trumpets Mesa Verde’s Cliff Palace Largest of the Cliff Dwellings
Located Mesa Verde
100 people inhabited
During 1200 C.E
150 Rooms
Families shared 6ft by 8ft room
Also had Kivas Anasazi Religion Beliefs passed down by spoken word.
Generation to Generation
Believe in a "Creator"
Valued the Earth and Nature
Individual responsibility to honor the earth
Thought to bring peace amongst clans Astronomy & Anasazi Anasazi practiced Astronomy
Pictograph discovered.
Depicted a super nova explosion.
Found at Penasco Blanco.
Moons orbit very stable
Allows to calculate location and time on any given date
July 5 1054
Moon was in same location in the sky.
Anasazi witnessed Astronomical phenomena. Astronomy & Anasazi Today's Pueblo Natives THANK YOU Fajada Butte.
Sun Dagger Site
Discovered by Anna Sofar in 1977
Acted like a solar calender
Light would hit petroglyphs on the wall.
Telling certain times of the year What Happened? Theories
Driven out by other natives
What really happened?
175 years of Drought
Drove them out Though gone, presence still felt
Over 60,000 Pueblo natives
New Mexico, Arizona, And Texas
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