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History Assessment Task Middle Ages - Rise of the Middle Class

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Johnson M

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of History Assessment Task Middle Ages - Rise of the Middle Class

Rise of the Middle Class By Johnson Man
Year 8 History Assessment Task
2011 Knox Grammar School Causes Black Death Plagued Europe from 1348 - 1350
Enormous amount of workers die during disease
Shortage of workers immediately afterwards
Workers have higher bargaining power for wage
Lords raise wages for workers due to shortage of workers Education Printing Press invented in 1440 by Johannes Gutenburg (German)
Allows easier access to information for people (e.g. newspaper, books)
Easier access to education for all people due to cheap production cost
Increased wealth of people and cheaper books made schools and universities more accessible
Medieval universities/schools taught people important skills such as arithmetic for Middle Class professions Medieval Republics Increased wealth and number of Middle Class causes medieval republics to be formed to benefit the Middle Class
Republics focused on economics and the city, as majority of Middle Class resided in city
Maritime republics categorised by powerful navy to protect trade and economic interests
E.g. Powerful Italian maritime republics such as Venice (11th Century) Formation of Banking Knights Templars, part of the nobility, pioneer first banking system with ‘letters of credit’ in 1150 but dissolved in 1312
Bankers and money lenders (Middle Class) begin to grow in influence to replace the Knights Templar
More than 80 “merchant banks” operating around Europe by 1338
Bolsters economy for Middle Class “What gunpowder did for war the printing press has done for the mind” “It was dark before I could get home, and so land at Churchyard stairs, where to my great trouble I met a dead corps of the plague in the narrow ally just bringing down a little pair of stairs." Wendell Phillips ,1811-1884 Public Speech¸ Orator, lawyer and advocate for Native Americans. Samuel Pepys ,15th August 1665 , Private Diary of Samuel Pepys Chief Secretary to the Admiralty in England. (Primary Source) Illustration of Black Death Torggenburg Bible , 1441 Bankers in Genoa, Italy , 1300 From the De Septem Vitis Coat of arms of main Italian Maritime Republics From the ensign of the Italian Navy Jim Cofer 2007, Jim Cofer, June 22, viewed 18th May 2011, <http://jimcofer.com/personal/?p=37>.

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