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The Book of Negroes Characters and Quotes

ENG 4U1 Presented on January 14 2013

Michael Nguyen

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of The Book of Negroes Characters and Quotes

MINOR CHARACTERS About The Novel Lawrence Hill, focuses on the life and hardships affiliated with being a young african girl during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Learn About Lawrence http://www.lawrencehill.com/bio.html Lawrence Hill, Book of Negroes, Trailer About the Book of Negroes The Book of Negroes is based off the actual historical document that contained the names and ages of most slaves that were transported between New York and Newfoundland. Hill`s Character, Aminata overcomes many hardships due to the actions of the minor characters which aided in her survival and prosperity. Minor Characters From Bayo Aminata`s Father ``You must learn respect... Then you must learn to hide your disrespect``. (Hill 21) Due to Mamadu teachings, it aids Aminata to avoid situations that may affect her life in a positively or negatively throughout the novel. Mamadu Diallo Minor Characters From Bayo Aminata's Mother "... my mother taught me how to reach inside
a woman - after coating my hand with warm oil- and to touch in the right spot to tell if the door was suitably wide. I became adept at that, and Mama said it was good to have me along because my hands were so small". (Hill 15) Aminata's skill of catching a baby aided in her survival due to having a desired skill, especially being a slave. Her skill made her more desirable than others which leads to sparing her life by the slave owners. Multilingual Due to Aminata learning how to speak Fulfulde and Bamanankan helped with understanding captives on the ship which leaded to being more useful to the toubabu (the white men). Minor Characters From Bayo Chekura Aminata's Husband "... that evening Chekura brought a calabash of water and some soap made from shea nuts, and offered to help clean the wound on my thigh". (Hill 38) Chekura demonstrates caring and affection to Aminata which reveals to her that there are strangers that are trustworthy that want to help and want to keep Aminata alive. The small lessons from the home country are carried continuously throughout the novel by Aminata which created the foundation that leads to
her survival in the new world. Minor Characters at Sullivan's Island: Applebee's Plantation Minor Characters from Sullivan's Island Georgia Aminata's guardian, teacher and healer "I have never seen someone from Africa learn so fast." (Hill 143) Georgia teaches the protocols of how to behave within the plantation. Creating lines to not cross if Aminata values her life. "But what out, girl. You know too much, someone kill you." (Hill 143) Minor Characters from Sullivan's Island Mamed Teacher and Guardian On page 153, Mamed gives Aminata the chance to speak and understand the language of the buckra (slave owners). Reading & Learning When being a slave, having the freedom to read and learn the language of the buckra or the toubabs was prohibited. If caught, serious consequences followed afterward. Through the help of Georgia and Mamed, it teaches Aminata the traits that can be carried on her difficult journey, which gave her a much greater chance of a better life. England: Solomon's Lindo Home Minor Characters from England Mr. Lindo Solomon Lindo
Educator, Owner "It made no sense to me that someone would prefer to be paid with a useless metal coin than with five chickens or a tierce of corn." (Hill 202) Mr. Lindo gives Aminata the chance to learn the monetary system and a stable living environment due to the skills she has obtained on her voyage from Africa. In the novel, "The Book of Negroes, written by Lawrence Hill depicts the conflicts of being a young African girl during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. The actions taken by the minor characters play a predominant role in the novel, with the lessons given to Aminata lead to the survival and prosperity which ultimately ended with the publishing of the book based on her experiences during the slave trade. Sometimes, a person's survival and prosperity depends on the actions of characters who appear to be small in significance. Presented by Tyler Paulite
On January 14 2013
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