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Aakash Plastics Capabilities

No description

Badal Shah

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Aakash Plastics Capabilities

Costs have improved significantly making HPP more accessible to many new applications
Improved light fastness and temperature resistance
Manufactured and surface treated to work in multiple applications
Enables formulators to “upgrade” their color pallet
Benzimidazolone, Quinacridone, Isoindoline, Perylene High Performance Pigments (Process Improvements) Manufacturer of:
Water-Based Dispersions for Coatings and Ink
Color Concentrates for Plastic (Niche, Toll Opportunities)
Joint Venture Manufacturing of:
Phthalocyanine Pigments
Resins – Ketonic, PolyVinyl Butryal, Polyamide, Polyurethane
Plastic Additives
Strategic Technology Share Partnerships:
Organic Pigments
High Purity Dyes
Food Dyes
Fine Chemicals
Waxes Coloring the world as a HYBRID MANUFACTURER Company founded 35 years ago
Offices in Brazil, China, India, Chicago, Georgia
Distributors/Agents in more than 10 countries
Led by MBAs from The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
Full Technical Team with Quality Control as per ISO Who are we? Source: IHS inc. Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 (Oil Prices Increasing) Global Benzene Prices Very High Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 1 Why is this important to your business? Production of Raw Materials 50,000 sq ft. warehouse in Chicago (Bonded)
28,000 sq ft. warehouse in Savannah
35,000 sq ft. warehouse in Brazil (Bonded)
Guaranteed 3 month + inventories for key customers Inventory Green 7—Chlorination Process
Additional Permits will not be issued
APE/NPE Free, REACH Certified
Green 36—Bromination Process
Dangerous Reaction
Highly Regulated Phthalocyanine Pigments $43.1 million in sales (35% growth)
50% growth projected for 2012
Recognized as one of the “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” by Inc. Magazine
Launch of Heritage Color (Water-based Dispersion Plant)
Hired an executive team to lead our sales growth in North America and South America 2011 Milestones

Recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America

May 3rd, 2012 Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 No, they are not. Correlating Volatility– what seems to hold true, will not Based upon everything mentioned, prices should be increasing RIGHT? Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 2013 and beyond:
Recovery will spark increased demand combined with stricter pollution constraints and lack of supply = prices increasing, availability becoming an issue 2012 Forecast:
Slow Demand combined w/weakening producing country currencies = More availability, lower pricing Key Takeaways Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 We are experts in Raw materials! So Why Aakash Chemicals? Beyond the products that we can deliver to customers, what separates us from others and creates hidden value? What is beyond a price per pound? Why is our footprint growing and customers are listening? What is the true value of a mutually beneficial partnership between: Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Beyond Products Phthalonitrile
Phthalic Anhydride

In House Capabilities Enable Variety:
Ball-Milling/Jet Milling
Spray Drying/Tray Drying Pre-cursors and Processing Vertical Integration of Copper Phthalocyanine Crude (CPC)
1:1 Ratio for Blue Production
1:2 Ratio for Green Production
50 ppm limit for Ammoniacal Nitrogen (NH3-N)
Key concerns with Crude
Free Copper
Heavy Metals
25% of Organic Pigments are Phthalocyanine Derivatives Phthalocyanine Pigments Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals And you will increase your bottom line Choose your partners wisely 3 Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals What can we expect for pricing and availability 2012 and Beyond 2 Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Pigments:
Azo (Monoazo, disazo)
Napthol AS
Beta Napthol
Perylene Resins:
Vinyl Acrylic
ABS Chemistries used? Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Cost / Feedstocks
Raw Material Input Prices
Operating Costs
Supply/Demand & Trade
Utilization Rates
Loss of Available Capacity (outages)
Inventory Trends (resin, finished goods, etc.)
Exports / Imports (resin, finished goods, etc.)
Other Dynamics
Perception / Anticipation of New Capacity
Desire for Market Share
Prices of Competitive Materials
Market Leadership
Market Momentum
Natural Disasters / Political Turmoil Any of these
factors can,
and will
influence price… What influences Raw Material Prices? Technical Director: Ricky G. Schneier Plastics Technical Center THE AAKASH ADVANTAGE Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Supply Considerations: Financial Considerations: Global demand currently weak, combined with surplus supply
China demand lower
European crisis uncertainty
Asia has become an extremely captive market
Although 2012 is not a strong year, expectations are considerably strong
Pollution control creating longer lead times and less availability Oil Prices Increasing
Investment money into commodity markets (trading)
Weak USD
Oil should remain around $100 with a 6% chance of touching $125 in 2012
Production Costs Increasing
China Labor Laws
India/Europe pollution regulations
Financial Markets Extremely Active
Pressure to increase margins during heavy M&A season Key Considerations Extruder: Leistritz 34mm Twin Screw,
Co-Rotating THE AAKASH ADVANTAGE Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Key Question: What does this mean for you? Pollution Control = Less Availability Less Availability over the long-run
More scrutiny
Potentially new technologies leading to more sustainable chemistries
However, these technologies would be very capital intensive

Key Opportunity: innovate with your suppliers! Strict governmental controls
Pollution board in India has limited CPC crude production
China has put chlorine on the top of its “watch list” for hazardous pollutants
Heavy fines for non-compliance as well as indefinite closures
Governmental permits at a premium Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Energy Price Fluctuations Retail Consumers Paint Raw Materials Base Chemicals Energy Volatile Energy Prices Impact the entire Chain! Visit us at the American Coatings Show, Booth #1745 Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Thank you!
Questions? Our Customers Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Collaboration Ask to be continuously educated to help YOU anticipate
Track relevant input behaviors
Now is the time to innovate with your suppliers
Take advantage of this period of lower pricing and lower demand
Be proactive Source: IHS inc. Copyright 2012 Aakash Chemicals 4/26/12 Phthalocyanine Pigments Urea Bisphenol A CRUDE OIL! Alkyd Resins Cumene Carbon Monoxide Caustic Soda Chlorine Epoxy Resins Polycarbonate Phthalic Anhydride O-Xylene (derived from Xylene) Napthalene (fused pair of Benzene rings) Copper Polyol (glycerine,trimethylolpropane) CPC Crude Crude oil to finished raw material
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