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The Great Ice Cube Experiment

No description

Kaeya Ray

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The Great Ice Cube Experiment

The Great Ice Cube Experiment
By: Kaeya Ray and Cassie Sohr

The Great Ice Cube Expiriment
The Great Ice Cube Expiriment
The Great Ice Cube Experiment
Our Question
Will an ice cube melt faster in water, milk, orange juice, or soda?

One cup measuring cup
1 cup of coca-cola
4 plastic cups
Winter glove (saftey!)
1 thermometer
1 cup of orange juice (Minute Maid)
1 cup of milk
1 cup of water
4 ice cubes with 3 tb. of water
Our Hypothesis
If we put the same sized ice cubes in different liquids, then the ice cube in the Coke will melt the fastest, because of the acid and carbonation in the Coke.
Our Procedure
1) Pour 1 cup of each type of liquid (orange juice, milk, water, and coca-cola) in 4 seprate cups.
2) Cool the liquid in a refridgrator for 30 minutes.
3) Drop 1 ice cube in each cup with protection gloves (so that the heat from our hands do not melt the ice cubes)
4) Time how long the ice cubes melt
6) Record data and TA-DA! We have done the experiment!
Our Awesome Videos
Our Results
Total time ice cubes
melted in

Coke- 35.06
Milk- 29.50
Water- 5.54
Orange Juice- 40.55
Our Conclusion
In our experiment, we found out that if you put an ice cube in water, it melts faster than if you put it in soda, orange juice, or milk. Our hypothesis was false, because the ice cube in the water melted faster than the ice cube in the orange juice. We believe this happend because the water warmed in plain room temperature faster than the rest of the liquids.

Thanks for watching!!!
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Independent Variable- Types of liquid

Dependent Variable-Total time ice cubes melt

Controlled Variable- Temperature of liquid, number of ice cubes, and amount of liquid.
We were wrong
Hi there!
Noo!! Math!!
Background Research
Q: Why does ice melt?

A: Ice melts, because when the temperature warms up, the particles separate and start shifting around,
eventually moving around enough that the ice becomes a liquid once again.
Q:Who invented orange juice?

A: C. D. Atkins invented frozen, concentrated orange juice.

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