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Zuma's Story

No description


on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Zuma's Story

Rough Times
Most people didn't like Zuma's speed.They thought it was cheating.They thought it wasn't fair."Just because Zuma was fast doesn't mean he needs to be on the track team,"they said.But Zuma didn't listen to
Lonely Life
You know good things can also become bad things.At this time Zuma was 11 and he was in 6th grade.His parents left Zuma and he was left with only a house.But Zuma knew a girl named River and he had no other friends.River was in the same class as Zuma.
To the Stars
Despite Zumas life he has a great power so now he has a constellation.
Zuma's Story

The Beginning
There was a boy who was born with a talent.His talent won him many medals.His name was Zuma and his talent was speed.
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