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David Johnson

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Mudskippers

MUDSKIPPERS -The Mudskipper lives in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions in the Indo Pacific, and the Atlantic coast of Africa.
-They live in deep burrows in soft, muddy sediment.
-The Mudskipper is actually considered a fish.
-The Mudskipper is a first step of evolution for all land vertebrates.
-Their front fins serve as arms, or legs for movement on land.
-Their rear fins can be used as suction cups for help with climbing rocks.
-Their size depends on the species. They range from 3 inches to 10 inches.
-They live for about 5 years.
-There are over 30 species of Mudskippers. http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Mudskippers





-These burrows are used for protection against predators during high tide, and also allows the fish to thermo regulate.
-Their holes are used for laying eggs.
-Even when the burrows are submerged, the Mudskippers have an extra reserve of air in their Burrow.
- To dig the holes they take mouthfuls of sand out. They pile the sand around their hole to protect it from water.
-They take gulps of air from outside into the hole to create reserves of air for the young and high tide.
-The Mudskipper eats insects, crustaceans and worms.
-They also eat tiny plants.
-Most of their day is spent looking for food. -During mating season males colors get brighter, and their chin and throat turn a gold color.
-They also impress females by jumping into the air using their tail. They can jump up to 2 feet high.
-Also male Mudskippers will mud wrestle for a mate.
-If the female is impressed she will follow him back to his burrow, and mating will occur. The eggs are laid in the nest, and are guarded by the male.
-Mudskippers eyes work independently of each other.
-When swimming in the water they keep their head above the water, using their eyes as a periscope.
-When out of the water they periodically roll their eyes back to keep them moist.
-Mudskippers can see color.

By David Johnson and Jarrett Chouinard -The Mudskipper has evolved over time to be able to breathe in and out of water.
-Under water they use gills like a regular fish.
-When they leave the water they take a reserve of water in their gills.
-Their skin is another method of breathing. Their skin contains a complex network of blood capillaries that absorb oxygen.
-They would actually drown in water, if they were in it too long.
-They contain no air breathing organs, as long as they keep their skin moist they will be able to absorb oxygen.
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