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Before I Fall

No description

Mikhayla O'Leary

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Before I Fall

Before I Fall
By Lauren Oliver Biography Lauren Oliver comes from a family of writers. She graduated from the University of Chicago. Oliver was an editorial assistant at a publishing company in New York, but is now a full-time writer. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, loves cooking, and puts ketchup on almost everything she eats. Genre:
Juvenile Fiction
Characters Samantha Kingston- main character
Juliet Sykes- the "weird girl" who changes Samantha's life
Lindsay- most popular girl in school and the leader of the four friends
Elody- one of the popular four friends
Ally- one of the popular four friends
Kent McFuller- Samantha's childhood friend
Rob Cokran- Samantha's boyfriend

Action Plot Theme/ Moral Think before you act. You never know if what you are about to say or do will hurt someone. Metaphore It's true: his eyes are exactly the same color of grass. Simile As soon as he mentions the maple trees a memory rises up, expanding, like something breaking the surface of water and rippling outward. Inciting Incident:
The Inciting Incident was when Juliet jumped out in front of Lindsays car and made them crash, killing Samantha. Foreshadowing:
Lindsay's drunk and reckless driving on a rainy night foreshadows their crash. Climax Cause and Effect:
Before school Lindsay pulled her car in front of Sarah Grundel for the last good spot in the good parking lot. The effect of this was Sarah had to park far away and was late for school. This caused her to not be allowed to swim in her big swim meet after school. Symbolism:
Sam jumping out in the middle of the street to save Juliet symbolizes the Christian belief of Jesus dying on the cross to save everyone's sins. Vocabulary:
biweekly- occuring once every two weeks
buffeted- a blow; to punch; thrust about
elongates- to draw out to a greater length
fluster- state of agitated confusion
hulking- heavy and clumsy; bulking
psyche- the human soul, spirit, or mind
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