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John Steinbeck

No description

Jenny Nguo

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of John Steinbeck

List Of Works
Cup of Gold, 1929
The Pastures of Heaven, 1933
To a God Unknown, 1933
Tortilla Flat, 1935
In Dubious Battle, 1936
Of Mice and Men, 1937
The Long Valley, 1938
The Grapes of Wrath, 1939
Sea of Cortez, 1941
Cannery Row, 1945
died from heart disease in new york city, December 20, 1968
His third wife, Elaine, buried him with his family at the garden of memories in California.
Childhood and adolescence (cont.)
John Steinbeck

Childhood and adolescence
Birth date: February 69, 1902
Born in the Salinas Valley, California
never lived in a wealthy family
siblings: 2 older sisters, 1 younger sister
went to stanford and enrolled in literature, creative writing, and a few science classes in 1919
was obsessed with writing
started dropping in and out of stanford during fall quarters in order to work at spreckels sugar or any other factories close to salinas for 5 years
Jenny Nguo
San Tran
Tiffany Xu
Period 2

decided to leave stanford as his final decision in 1925
had a total of 5 wives
married carol henning, 1930
-both lived in pacific grove, california
married Gwyndolyn Conger, 1943
-had two children with steinbeck
-left john steinbeck, 1948
Married Elaine scott, 1950
relationships (cont.)
-lived with her in new york city, new york

The Pearl, 1947
The Wayward Bus, 1947
Burning Bright, 1950
East of Eden, 1952
Sweet Thursday, 1954
The Winter Of Our Discontent, 1961
Travels with Charley, 1962
Pulitzer Prize, 1940
National Book Award, 1940
Nobel Prize, 1962
list of works (cont.)
john steinbeck
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