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No description

Jesse Putnam

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Helium

To Do List
Hang out by myself

Groom my two electrons

Thank goodness for my two neutrons that are holding me together.
Best Day of My Life
Once I though I lost my two neutrons and was about to Beta decay to deuterium. Man, that was scary. Turns out they were right where I left them.
Hi I'm Helium and I'm element number 2 in the periodic table. I'm kind of a loner and I prefer not to interact with anybody. I'm a tiny little atom and only my brother Hydrogen has fewer protons and neutrons than me.
I'm lighter than air, so it's easy for me to get a good view when I go to parties.
NOBODY! I'm a noble gas. The only person who I think is worth spending time with is...myself!
Who I like to Hang Out With
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