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Lascaux PPT

Lascaux cave AGTS

virginia dlt

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Lascaux PPT

Lascaux caves paintings had inspired other artists like Pablo Picasso
Lascaux caves

In 1986, the four boys – Marcel, George, Simon and Jacques reunited at the caves (after 46 years).

The French government built an exact replica of the cave close to the original.
The new cave was called
It was open to the public in 1980. After the second world war the cave was open to the public and Marcel and George became the first tour guides of the cave. In a few years (15years) the cave started to deteriorated. Fungus and bacteria started to grow. The cave was closed to the public in order to preserve it. “In the absence of natural light inside the caves, the paintings could only have been created with the aid of torches and stone lamps filled with animal fat”.
Archaeologists believe that the cave was used over a long period of time as a center for hunting and religious rites. We don’t know exactly why these paintings were done. One theory is that “Cave man believed that man had to paint these images to 'replace' the animals that he would hunt and kill..” The cave paintings are estimated to be up to 15,000 years old.
“These early artists painted with charcoal from their fires, and used earth pigments of iron and manganese to create the permanent colors we still see today”. The cave contains nearly 2,000 figures, which can be grouped into three main categories - animals, human figures and abstract signs. The kids were hare hunting but ended up doing “treasure hunting”. A large pine tree had fallen from the hill years before and left a hole, they followed their dog and slipped into the hole and fell into what is now called the Hall of the Bulls, that was the entrance of the cave.
They decided to explore it, they went back next day with lanterns. “The descent was terrifying,” recalled Jacques who was just fourteen years old at the time.

This cave was found in
September 12, 1940, in Lascaux, France by four kids and their dog.
They were:
This is the most famous and complex cave with “impressive and artistic creations of paleolithic humans”. English Artist who dedicated his life to copying cave art in France, Spain and Norther Africa.

The "Two Reindeer" is a copy from a painting in a cave wall made with natural pigments. Douglas Mazonowicz Two Reindeer Simon and Robot Marcel Jacques George France Lascaux Cave The Kids wanted to kept it a secret, but after a while they realized that their discovery was very important and they told their school principal who contacted and expert archeologist. What they saw when they got in were the walls of the cave completely covered by paintings of horses, mammoths, lions, wolves, deer and bulls. Jacques said that “each animal seemed to be moving”. http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/lasc/hd_lasc.htm
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