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No description

Roger Castano

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of APPLE

What is an Apple Product?
The Man Who Started it All
Is Apple Innovative?
The Future Of Apple Inc.
acquisitions as of Sept. 23rd, 2014
Is Apple Everywhere?
MAC & Windows are Incompatible.
Fact? or Apple Myth?
-" To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind."
-" We believe that we're on the face of the earth to make great products and that's not changing. We're constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the simple, not the complex."
- "We believe we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products that we make and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution."
- "Apple has committed to be bringing the best personal computing experience to many students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings
Steve Jobs
Tim Cook
The Products
Latest Products:
- iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
- iPad Air 2
- iWatch
- iPad Mini w/ Retina Display
- iPad Pro (13")
-Apple TV
Steve Jobs Everybody
What do/don't you like about Apple Products?
Apple offers Bootcamp to run Windows on Macs.
Most Notable:

NeXT (iOS & OS X)
Sound Jam MP (iTunes)
Bluefish Labs (iWork)
Beats Audio (Headphones & music Streaming)
AuthenTec (Touch ID)
Tim Cook:
"We look for companies that have great people and great technology and that fit culturally and we don’t have a rule that says we can’t spend a lot or whatever..”
Steve and Steve:
- Founded by Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak
- First Product: Apple 1
- Original Macintosh: Launched Jan. 1984
(18 months before Jobs was fired)
The Return of Jobs
- Apple bought NeXT from Jobs at $425M
- Jobs Returned Aug. 1997
- The best selling PC by 1998: The iMac
- Putting 1000 songs in your pocket: The iPod and iTunes (2001)
Game Changers:
The Start of Smarphones and Tablets
- Apple enters yet another market
- The iPhone reinvents smartphone (2007)
- 1 Million sold in 74 days
- New Model every year since
- 2010 introduces the iPad
- Defined the tablet market
- Criticized to be a jumbo iPhone
- 84 Million iPads sold by 2012
Macs Can't get viruses.
Apple has a massive design team.
Apple tracks you everywhere you go.
Jail-breaking is illegal.
Yes. A hidden file was found that tracks your location. Apple says it's anonymous and to "improve" future mobile service.
They can. It's just harder and not popular.
Google has thousands. Apple has about 100.
Jailbreaking is not currently illegal, but unlocking a phone through a third party is.
Porters Five Forces
Strengths and Weaknesses
Threat of New Entrants
- Low for smartphone market

- Established brand

- Known for quality and design

- Must be the next big thing to compete w/ Apple head on
Rivalry Among Current Companies
- Main competitor: Samsung and Android

- U.S Market Share by OS :
42% iOS
52 % Android

- U.S Market Share by Ownership
42% iPhone
28% Samsung
4.7% HTC

Threats and Opportunities
- Biggest threat: Samsung's Galaxy S5
Samsung is gaining in intl. markets
Xioami captured 5% of chinese smartphone market

- Threat for tablet market
Competitors a matching iPad quality at cheaper price

- Gain growth in emerging markets
China & India
Provide no interest loans
- Provide competitive pricing
Gain domestic market share
- Acquisitions
Offer products competitors don't offer
Improve their own products
Bargaining power of the buyer
- High
- Customers have strong brand loyalty

- Innovation is expected to remain relevant

- buyers influence decisions by supporting or not supporting
Can influence Apple's Market Strength
Can influence product prices (higher or lower)
Can influence the products offered

Bargaining Power of Supplier
- Low

- Apple has various suppliers

- Suppliers can be replaced

- Apple can influence suppliers to reduce price

Strengths & Weaknesses
- Brand Recognition
- 424 stores in 16 countries
- Efficient marketing team
Brand awareness used as an advantage
- Strong distribution channels
- Acquisitions allow control of supplies
- Limited amount of products
- Distribution problems outside the U.S
- Relies heavily on iPhone sales
- Innovation has plateaued
Strategic Group Map
Corporate Culture
- Encourages Creativity
"Everything is different at Apple"

- Places emphasis on design

- Many report directly to CEO

- High Motivation to be the best

- Accepting of diversity
Worth is shown through work
What's Likely
- Apple will continue further into the luxury market

- Competitors will catch up on specs

- iWatch will be aimed towards small niche not general public

- Continue to improve current products while waiting for the "next big thing"

- Possibility of collaborations

- Sales will stay strong
- Create entry level products

- Improve products

- Serious look into collaborations
Thank You all!
- Team 5
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