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Water Timeline


Philip Morley

on 7 September 2009

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Transcript of Water Timeline

Water landmarks. 14 billion years ago. The big bang supernova.
Hydrogen and Oxygen
shared their electrons. 4 billion years ago. 4000 BC. Liquid water found on earth. Methods were developed to improve the taste
and odour of drinking water - such as filtering
through charcoal, exposing to sunlight, boiling
and straining. 1500 BC Egyptians used Alum to cause
suspended particles to settle out.
This is known as 'coagulation'. The Hippocratic sleeve
was developed - a bag
filter that trapped sediment. 500 BC. 300-200 BC. Aquaducts and Archimedes Screw. 1700. Filtration established as
an effective means of
removing particles from
water. First domestic water
filters. Slow sand filtration usedregularly in Europe.
Pasteur demonstrates microbes in water can spread disease. Downsides of chlorine
discovered. 1800. 1855 Dr John Snow proves
Cholera is waterborne. 1670 Microscope invented.
Six years later, water
observed. 1804 First municipal water
treatment plant - Glasgow. 1890s US started building
large scale sand filters.
Cholera declines. 1900 Downsides of Chlorine discovered:
respiratory disease due to the fact
it evaporates very quickly. Calcium Hypo Chlorate
added to coagulate and
disinfect. 1902 1906 Ozone used to purify water
in France. Water softeners
used to desalinate. 1903 1970 Concerns rise about
lead and chlorine. 1980 The bottled water
explosion begins. 2008 Anti bottled water movement
gathers pace. 2020 In-line filters commonplace
in the home.
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