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Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

No description

Brianna Clee

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

Summary Continued
T.J., Stacey, and Cassie go to Strawberry, Mississippi, a sad, red place. The only modern thing about it is the paved roads that cut through the center and go northward. Lining the roads are stripes of red dirt, patches of brown grass, and drying mud puddles.
There, the three children go to the mercantile store to buy Stacey, and Cassie's mother groceries.
While at the mercantile store, T.J. and Stacey understand that they must wait their turn and allow white people to go in front of them when asking questions. Although, Cassie does not understand this.
On the way back from the store, Cassie runs into Lillian Jean, Jeremy Simms sister, who forces Cassie to get off the sidewalk and allow her to pass. Then, Big Ma makes Cassie apologize because she is afraid that Mr.Simms will hurt Cassie.

Summary Continued
Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry is a book that explains the troubles of prejudice. The Logan Family lives on land that is owned by a sharecropper by the name of Harlan Granger. A sharecropper is a farmer that who gives up parts of his crops for rent.
Later in the book, T.J. Avery, the son of a sharecropper, mentions the burning of the "Berry Family."
Jeremy Simms is a white boy who meets the children of the Logan Family, Stacey, Cassie, Little Man, and Christopher-John, before and after school at the crossroads, and he often times wants to be friends with them.
The school for colored children is only in operation from October to March because the students are needed in the farms from early spring to fall for cotton picking.
Papa, the Logan Family father, decides to bring home Mr. Morrison, a man who lost his job on the railroad fighting with whites. So, Papa brought him home to be a hired hand in the cotton field.
Mr. Morrison explained this to Mama in a voice quiet
the roll of low thunder.
Another reason Papa brings Mr. Morrison home is to make sure he doesn't get burned like the Berry Family for getting on the bad side of whites.
The Wallace Store is a place where older kids go and get into trouble for buying beer and cigarettes.
For this reason, Mr. and Mrs. Logan do not want their children going there.

Summary Continued
When the children of the Logan Family walk to school everyday, the bus holding white children purposely splashes them and causes their clothes to become dirty. Therefore, they decide that they need a plan to stop this from occurring. Stacey, the oldest brother, comes up with a strategy to dig a hole and fill it with rocks so that it is identifiable.
While doing this, they continue to look over their shoulder to make sure that the bus is not coming.
Christopher-John, one of the younger brothers, is in a panic because he thinks the bus driver for the white kids will hurt or kill him and his siblings.
Although, this plan will not affect their friendship with Jeremy Simms because he never rides the bus no matter how bad the weather. This is because Jeremy spends time with the colored people and does not want to risk becoming one of the ignorant white children.
The night before, a man by the name of Sam Tatum was tarred and feathered by night riders.
Therefore, Casey was moping around the house as if she was sick to try and hold in the truth about the night riders, and the bus incident.
Later in day, during school hours, Stacey was whipped by his mother, Miss Logan, because she caught him cheating on a test with T.J's notes.
Not only did T.J. give Stacey notes to cheat off of, but he tricked him and his siblings into going to the Wallace Store to learn some new dances.
Summary Continued
When Big Ma made Cassie apologize to Mr.Simms, Cassie thought it was unneeded. Therefore, Cassie does not understand the reason she needed to apologize. Big Ma was only trying to protect Cassie's safety.
Uncle Hammer came to visit the Logan Family and asked Cassie how her visit to Strawberry was, and Big Ma tried to keep Cassie from telling him what happened because she knew he would not respond well to it.
His response to the incident was that he was planning to go and shoot Mr. Simms. Uncle Hammer is different from most colored people in the book because he is not afraid of whites. Another difference between him and other colored people is that he has a lot more money.
Uncle Hammer returns back to the house without having killed Mr. Simms. Mama uses repetition when explaining to Uncle Hammer that one day they will pay for the mistakes that they have made because she repeats the words, "One day we'll pay, believe me one day we'll pay.
It is beginning to get cold in Mississippi, and the Logan Family does not have the nicest of clothes. So, Uncle Hammer gives Stacey a nice coat that he then gives away to T.J. Uncle Hammer hopes that Stacey learned that you won't get anywhere in life if you let people trick you into doing something, or put you down.
Papa mentions that he would not like Stacey to be friends with Jeremy because relationships between white and black people don't usually work out well, and he is afraid that Jeremy will turn on him fast.
The Logan Family is need of money and hopes that people will begin buying supplies from there store in Vicksburg so they can gain some extra money and stop people from buying supplies at the Wallace Store.
After Papa mentions this about the Wallaces, Mr. Jamison, their lawyer, says, ''The sad thing is, you know in the end you can't beat him (Granger) or the Wallaces.'' Papa's response is, "Still, he said, I want these children to know we tried, and what we can't do now, maybe one day they will."
By Brianna Clee, Sienna Snowdan,
Sandra Hanna, Sidney Steinsburger
Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Movie Trailer
Cassie makes a devious plan to get revenge on Lillian Jean thinking no one knows, but Stacey knows she is up to something.
Cassie is helping Lillian and gaining trust with her so that the vengeance is unexpected. When Mama catches T.J. giving notes to Stacey to cheat off of for the test, she decides to give T.J. a failing grade. So, T.J. tells on Mama in hope that she looses her job.
As a result, Mama is fired from her job for not teaching what is in the book.
Mama loosing her job will create a hardship on the family because they will begin to not have enough money to pay their mortgage.
Jeremy begins to tell the Logans that T.J. has been hanging out with his two siblings, R.W. and Melvin, and acting different than normal.
Since Mama lost her job, Papa must go back and work on the railroad to earn some money so that they can pay the next mortgage payment.
Cassie does not want her father to leave again. Papa says that the fig tree in the field resembles them, and they must not give up or they could risk the chances of death to try and make Cassie feel better.
Papa, Stacey, and Mr. Morrison go to Vicksburg to sell their supplies, but on the way back they get into trouble. The back wheels of the wagon came off as Kaleb Wallace, a member of the Wallace Family, passed them in his car. As Papa and Mr. Morrison went to fix the back wheels, Kaleb shot Papa in the head. When the donkey pulling the wagon heard the gun shot, he was frightened and ran. This caused the wagon to run over Papa's leg and break his leg.
Summary Continued
Since Papa broke his leg, the family is going to have trouble making their mortgage payments. They do not want Uncle Hammer to know this because they don't want to risk him hurting the Wallaces or getting himself into trouble.
Mama begins to think that it is time Mr. Morrison leaves because he could get himself into trouble. Papa responds to this by saying, '' He knows what could happen, Mary, but he wants to stay-and frankly, we need him here. Don't pester him about it.''
Mr. Morrison wants to stay because he knows that the white men will come after the Logan Family and wants to be there to protect them when they do. Also, he has never had children of his own or a real family, and the Logans are as close as he has ever been to a family.
Later, Cassie runs into T.J., R.W, and Melvin at church, and she almost feels sorry for T.J. because she had never seen him so desolately alone
After T.J., R.W., and Melvin leave the church they decide to go to the mercantile store and steel the pearl-handled gun. They force T.J. to climb in through a window. Harlan Granger walks in only to see what is happening in his store. He tells the children to leave, and when T.J says that he is going to tell on R.W. and Melvin they kick him and hurt him terribly. After T.J is hurt he runs to the Logan Family in hope that they will take him home before his parents wake up. Stacey decides that he will take him home. When they get there, T.J. climbs in through a window, and shortly after the Wallaces and some night men come and abuse T.J and his family for what T.J did in he mercantile store. As Papa prepares to leave his house with a shotgun, Mama explains that she is afraid of him getting killed. She also begs Papa to get Harlan Granger to stop the mob, but then she says, ''If Harlan Granger cared, he would have already tried to stop the mob.''
Shortly after Papa leaves, a fire breaks out in their cotton field. They assume that lightning started the fire.
Harlan Granger orders the mob to leave T.J's house and go start fighting the fire so that they stop from hanging T.J.
Instead of T.J getting hung, he goes to jail. The Logan Family does not want Papa to go visit T.J because they want him to stay out of the whole incident and not get himself into trouble as well.
Summary Continued
Why was the Civil Rights Movement necessary?(Brianna)
The Civil Rights movement was necessary because, before it took place African Americans were being denied there rights as citizens. Afterward, they were able to enjoy equal protection of laws that were promised to them.
What does KKK stand for? Why were they prominent in the South?(Sidney)
KKK stands for Ku Klux Klan. They were prominent in the South because that is where the majority of slavery took place in the U.S., and there were still many people prejudiced toward African Americans.
What was he Great Depression?(Sienna)
The Great Depression was an economic depression during the 1930's that began with the stock market crash on October 29, 1929, which is referred to as ''Black Tuesday.'' During this time period, the prices of crops went down, and farmers, along with most of the country, suffered through severe poverty.
Why were the sharecroppers and blacks ''held'' in poverty?(Sandra)
The sharecroppers and blacks were held in poverty because sharecroppers were unable to keep all the money they earned from there crops like they could when slaves worked on their land. The black people were held in poverty because they only got a small share of the money from the crops.
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