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Alternative Shoe Polisher

No description

Jyco Duran

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Shoe Polisher

Alternative Shoe Polisher
Main Problem
To lessen the chemical use in the society.
To maintain a greener environment.
To save money by using alternatives.
To spread right information about alternatives.
Alcohol is more effective than banana peel because it can really cleanse any item and also, banana peel may stain the shoes.
Goals of our investigatory project
Sub problems
Does 'Kiwi' has dangerous chemicals?
Does Kiwi is more costly than banana or isopropyl alcohol?

An investigatory project
or ?
Instead of Kiwi, what is the best alternative shoe polisher?
Definition of Materials
1. Alcohol - It's used to clean scrapes, sterilize objects, and included in lots of personal care and cleaning products.
2) Banana Peel - A banana peel, known as a banana skin in British English, is the outer covering of the banana fruit
Setup A
Rub gently the inner part of the banana peel to the shoes.
Let it dry then brush the shoes.
Observe the changes.
Setup B
Put alcohol to the shoes.
Brush the shoes gently.
Observe the changes.
Right shoe
(Result of banana peel)
Result of alcohol
We realize that our hypothesis is wrong.
Alcohol is a good alternative but it is corrosive that damages the shoes' skin.
Therefore, we conclude that banana peel is a better alternative than alcohol because it really shines the shoes, it is really effective!
Our project is goaled to share useful and correct information about saving money by using alternatives. Our project may not be cool, but in our little way, we also save the Mother Earth :)
The END.
created by: Howard P. Duran

1) Does 'Kiwi' has dangerous chemicals?
2) Does Kiwi is more costly than banana or isopropyl alcohol?
Yes, the shoe polish contains flammable chemicals, can be toxic and if misused, can harm skin.
Yes, a little disk of shoe polisher can reach 200 pesos - which is very costly.
Other discoveries
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