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See you soon Roomie!

Goodbye gift to Kaine!

Ara Cabalonga

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of See you soon Roomie!

KAINE! Hello Roomie! Yay I'm pulling an all-nighter just for you! HAHAHA Sana hindi mo ako maabutang gising. Yak cramming much ako HAHAHA. Anyway! Day 1! I was really glad that you were the one who welcomed me! I didn't expect it. Really. You were so welcoming and I really felt at home agad. Thanks a lot for that roomie! Day 2 at Batu Ferringi was fun! Ikaw na photog! Galeng galeng mo e! Thanks for the wonderful photos Kaine! MY FAVORITE PHOTO OF US! Happy friends! :) Our Ferry ride from Butterworth! The scenery was nice and we missed you a lot during the weekend! I haven't posted it cos I looked sabog! HAHAHA Day 13 at Queensbay! Sorry ang cute niyo lang talaga dito eh! :"> SIGNATURE KAINE POSE RIGHT THERE! You are always shy when I take photos of you! No need girl! You're pretty lah ;) So yeah. I don't wanna make this long cos I know you'll be bored! But I just really want to thank you for everything. Like what I said in Facebook, thanks for waking me up every day! Sorry kung ang hassle ko, cranky talaga ako pag mornings. I'm so not a morning person! :| Sorry rin kung annoying and bitchy ako minsan! I just have my issues with fucked up systems and yea I'm kinda impatient! So I'm really really sorry! But super thank you for being patient and nice nevertheless! For the random trips around Penang, to our shopping escapades, to our lunchdates and dinnerdates, to putting up with me teasing you and Chris even if you have issues, for the deep conversations and for just being there 24/7! Hope our friendship will not end here in Penang! My trip to Malaysia was fun and you are one of the reasons! I will miss you super! And no I'm not gonna cry again, my eyes are mahapdi na! Anyway, take care lah ;) Good luck sa conference and see you soon.. in Katip! >:D< You are such a great person! So disciplined and passionate! You are one of the best leaders I know and yeah keep it up! I know AIESEC MiC is in great hands! They're so lucky to have you! May instant stress reliever pa sila when you sing, o diba :> So long roomie!
Ara :)
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