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Big Brother Big Sister at Endicott College

No description

Taylor Saunders

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of Big Brother Big Sister at Endicott College

Big Brothers Big Sisters at Endicott College
by Taylor Saunders

Why I chose BBBS
I was a part of this program already before the service learning project was assigned, I have been in this program since October
I got involved because I once I do graduate and am a practicing Art Therapist I can see myself working with young children
I wanted to get involved in the community surrounding Endicott
The Grant
Statement of Need
By partnering with the college, Big Brothers Big Sisters is able to serve the Gloucester, Ma community which might otherwise barely be served at all. Due to socio-economic circumstances, there is a lack of available “Bigs” in the Cape Anne area. According to the records Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mass Bay have collected, there have only been nine Big and Little matches in the Gloucester community in the last five years. Since employing the campus-based match model at Endicott College just two short years ago, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been able to match twenty Bigs and Littles! The waitlist to become a Gloucester Little is twenty children long as of right now. With accessible funding to continue this program, Big Brothers Big Sisters also hopes to expand and reach more Gloucester children in the 2017-2018 program yera
Project Description
This program meets two to three Saturdays a month from October to April. We hope to expand this program from the current 18 matches to 28 matches this 2017-2018 program year.
Each time the Bigs and Littles meet up on campus Big Brothers Big Sisters of Endicott provides lunch for the Littles with their Big at the college dining hall, followed by a planned group activity by one of our volunteer student leaders, finishing the outing with one on one time for the Big and their Little. Our program also takes pride in having two celebrations (one at the end of each college semester) which include the Little’s family.
Attendance will be taken at each Big Brothers Big Sisters of Endicott College outing in order to keep track of how many Bigs and Little are consistently committed to this program.
At the end of the first semester in the 2017-2018 program year, both Bigs and Littles will privately take a survey asking them to evaluate their overall impression of the program, how well they feel they have been matched, and how they feel about the number of outing together.
BBBS Mass Bay employs a “Match Coordinator” assigned to this program. The “Match Coordinator” is available to speak to in person at every outing, via email or via phone if Bigs, Littles or their families have questions or concerns. This way we can constantly be making small adjustments to best serve each match.
Field Notes
Budget Narrative
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Endicott College is requesting a total of $6,450
Dining Hall Lunch for Littles - $9 per meal x 28 Littles = $252 x 15 outings = $3,780
Dinning Hall Lunch for BBBS staff - $9 per meal x 2 BBBS professional staff = $18 x 15 outings = $270
Materials - $20 per outing x 15 outings = $300
Bus Transportation - $100 per outing x 15 outings = $1500
Celebrations including family - $300 per event x 2 per year = $600
Serving 28 Matches.
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