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Why America should defund Planned Parenthood

No description

Jacqueline Reyes

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Why America should defund Planned Parenthood

Thank You!
Reasons to Defund Planned Parenthood
- There are many other health care options
- They have the enough sufficient funding.
Other Healthcare options
- There are over 1,200 federally qualified health centers across the country that operate 9,000 service sites around the country providing family planning services, cancer screenings, and women’s health exams, not to mention a wide range of primary health services for women, children, and men (Torre).

Sufficient Funding

According to its most recent annual report, the organization raked in $1.1 billion in total revenue. Of that amount, $363.2 million came from taxpayers in the form of government grants and contracts (Pence).

Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion provider. “Roughly one out of every four abortions in America” is carried out in a Planned Parenthood facility. Data shows that since 1970, Planned Parenthood has performed more than 6 million abortions. In 2013 alone, Planned Parenthood performed a record 357,653 abortions

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There are many other healthcare options
Why America should defund Planned Parenthood
"Abortion doesn't make you unpregnant, it makes you a mother of a dead baby"
- There are about 2,000 pregnancy centers across the country that provide medical testing, prenatal care, ultrasounds, and childbirth classes, among other services, all of which supply women with life-affirming options (Harkness).
It's telling how planned parenthood is spending their money. According to a June 2008 story in the Wall Street Journal, planned parenthood was flushed with cash and using its profits to rebrand itself (Quinn).
Planned parenthood clinics focus mainly on abortions-and because money is fungible, there is no way to fund the useful services without freeing up money for the organization to spend on abortion (Pence).
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