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Personal Branding (Summer)

No description

Elizabeth Cornish

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Personal Branding (Summer)

Personal Branding: What do you want to say? Personal branding is really just about three simple questions.

How well do you know yourself?

What do you want to say?

Who would it beneficial to communicate this to? How well do you know yourself? Strengths and Skills Values and beliefs Mot Asp o U Y Strengths and Skills Motivation Watch this RSA Animates film and reflect on what motivates you in life and in the workplace. Knowing yourself:
Complete the personality test at the site


Reflect on how far you agree with your 'type' and add this information to your personal brand framework. How could you use these ideas in creating your personal brand? Your assignment for this unit is to complete the personal brand framework to help you define your personal brand.

Download the personal brand framework and start to work through it during this presentation. Make additional notes if you need to.

You may wish to look at the example before you start filling it in: ...add some notes to your template Aspirations What would you like to be doing two years after graduation?

What about ten years after graduation? Now consider your goals and aspirations An Introduction to Personal Branding ration I vation What is unique about you? Consider what you have written in the rest of your personal brand framework. You could consider skills, experience and interests - what makes you stand out from the crowd? What are you good at?
Think about the skills you have developed on your degree course, through jobs and voluntary work, leadership positions etc. Top Tip - Try asking friends, family or
coursemates if you struggle to decide! You should consider your professional aspirations in terms of your personal brand, but also your personal aspirations for your own reference - how does what you want from life on a personal level affect your professional aspirations? What aspects of your personal brand would you like to communicate to
Peer Networks
Are there specific examples of who you will be communicating your personal brand to? Consider any of the specific examples (or more general ones) that you have just listed as WHO you want to communicate your personal brand to, now think about WHY you want to do this and HOW it might help you. What is Personal Branding? What is YOUR Personal Brand? E-tivity 2 (Estimated time: 5 minutes) Have a look at the skills framework on the Career Development Service website: https://swww2.le.ac.uk/offices/careers-new/exp/skills

Select three skills that you consider to be your strengths and add them to table 1.2 on the personal brand framework and then provide an example of a time you have used this skill.
An effective technique to use when answering questions on application forms or in interviews is the STAR technique.

Situation - what was the situation and when did it take place?
Task - what task was it, and what was the objective?
Action - what action did you take to achieve this?
Results - what happened as a result of your action? Section 1.2 allows you some space to think about the skills that you already have. In a recruitment situation you will be expected to be able to provide evidence of a time when you have demonstrated any skills or capabilities that you are claiming. Weaknesses Now select three skills from the transferable skills framework that you can improve upon and create an action plan to develop this skill. When defining your personal brand it is just as important to identify strengths as it is to identify weaknesses. During an interview you will often be asked what your biggest weakness is. The interviewer will want to see that you have thought about this carefully and considered ways to develop that weakness. Values Write down the things that interest you. Are any of them really unique? Set yourself some goals using SMART targets:

Your values are key to your success within your career. Top Tip: Break your interests up into three categories and ask yourself what you like doing:
With people
As a leisure activity
At work

Experience Divide your experiences into 3 sections; Academic, work and life. The experiences you have in each area makeup who you are. Don't miss anything out because it could prove a valuable asset.
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