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What's Wrong With the Team?

No description

Crystal St. Clair

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of What's Wrong With the Team?

What's WRong with the TeaM?
Case STudy Questions
1. How would you characterize Rankin's leadership style? What approach do you think is correct for this situation? Why?

2. What would you do now if you were Rankin? How might you awaken more enthusiasm in your team for completing this project on time?

3. How would you suggest that Rankin modify his leadership style if he wants to succeed Dyer in two years?
What is a Good Leader?

Level 5 Leadership
Knowing Employees
Training Employees
Rankin's leadership style/flaws:
Rankin's Way Forward:
Motivate Employees

Work-life balance
Josh Strang
Crystal St. Clair
Chapter 15
Case Study overview
Henry Rankins - Reflex Systems
Managing software implementation project
Offices - LA and Chicago
Nichole Dyer has asked him, "What's wrong with the team?"

Deadline is short
Dual locations
Sally Phillips incident
Chicago Branch incident - Finley and Johnston
Lack of passion, motivation
Autocratic Style
Do as I say
Cares more about the job
It's not my fault
Resolve the issues in Chicago
Understand the culture of employees
Mitigate the stress
Take responsibility for the team
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